Bug #5067

HTSP channelAdd method returns wrong values

Added by Arnaud Grasset 8 months ago. Updated 8 months ago.

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When tvheadend sends back the initial data dump after a enableAsyncMetadata message is sent, the values returned in the "channelAdd" message are wrong:

Doc says:
eventId u32 optional ID of the current event on this channel.
nextEventId u32 optional ID of the next event on the channel.

But eventId and nextEventId are always the same event until the next restart of the tvheadend service. So if I don't restart tvheadend daily, the channelAdd method returns the eventId of an event that is one week/one month (or more) old.

Associated revisions

Revision 518d57be (diff)
Added by Jaroslav Kysela 8 months ago

epg: fix the running check in _epg_channel_timer_callback(), fixes #5067


#1 Updated by Jaroslav Kysela 8 months ago

It would mean that the old EPG events are not freed. I suggest you to check the traces to analyze the issue: --trace epg.

#2 Updated by Arnaud Grasset 8 months ago

You are right. The real problem is that EPG events do not get deleted.

My tests:
- I compiled the last 4.2 version from git with debug enabled. Everything worked perfectly, logs showed old EPG events being destoyed as soon as they expired.
- I compiled the git master (4.3) with debug enabled and installed it. EPG events were not deleted and debug and trace showed nothing. There was no error, just nothing happened when an EPG event expired.

#3 Updated by Arnaud Grasset 8 months ago

Finally I have still the same problem with 4.2 version..

Solved it by disabling over-the-air EPG on my adapters.

#4 Updated by Jaroslav Kysela 8 months ago

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