Bug #4853

Continuity counter error on the 21th channel and over

Added by Akos Sz about 5 years ago. Updated almost 5 years ago.

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HTS Tvheadend 4.3-936 ~ LibreELEC Tvh-addon v8.2.444
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This is a very strange bug. Tvheadend server can tune only the first couple of channels (in the attached log it is 20) I have several hundreds of channels set but only the first 15-20 selected for wathcing are tuned. After restarting Tvheadned server I can select whatever channels but around 15-20 channel switching no more channel can be tuned. I can see permanent "Continuity counter errors" in the log.
Particularly odd, that the problem can be seen within a single mux as well. One channel works fine while the other shows permanent Continuity counter error on the same mux, depending on which channel was tuned in the first 15-20. See the log.
See the log:
network: "Thor 0.8W", mux: "12034V", provider: "UPC Direct", service: "m2 HD" works fine while "RTL Klub HD" on the same mux cannot be received. If I restart Tvheadend and start with "RTL Klub HD" it works fine and if "m2 HD" is not in the first 15-20 channels I selected for watching then it will not work.

The problem can be seen on a Wetek Play dual DVB-S2 tuner box. The fault affects only the second tuner which has advanced LNB switch configuration.
I would exclude any HW root cause, as the issue may affect any channel and the TVH addon restart recovers the problem.
All selected channel are located on the same satellite. No diseqc input switch has to take place to see this problem.

How to reproduce the fault:
- Have advanced 1/10 diseqc switch configuration
- restart the addon
- select random channels on the client
- after 15-20 channel switch no more channel can be tuned. The first 15-20 channel selected before can be tuned again anytime.

- restart the Tvheadend addon
- it will work fine for the next 15-20 channel switch, when the issue pops up again.

I think this problem has been present for longer time. At least since 4.3.628


tvheadendtuner.jpg (121 KB) tvheadendtuner.jpg Tuner setup Akos Sz, 2018-01-14 13:53
service.log (38.1 KB) service.log Log of reproduction. Problem at 21st channel Akos Sz, 2018-01-14 13:55
tvh-trace.png (94.6 KB) tvh-trace.png tvheadend trace C vH, 2018-01-16 12:25



Updated by Jaroslav Kysela about 5 years ago

It looks like a tuner / driver issue. You may start with '--trace linuxdvb,diseqc' .


Updated by Akos Sz about 5 years ago

I am using Libreelec with Tvheadend addon. It seems it does not support trace and I cannot compile a debug addon myself.

It also seems that similar problem can be reproduced with the other tuner configured with a 4 port LNB switch. After several channel switching some random channels cannot be tuned while others can. After restarting the addon, the broken channels are available again.


Updated by C vH about 5 years ago

I had included that function a while back. Just go to the addon settings at Kodi. Logfiles are at the userdata folder of Tvh.


Updated by Akos Sz about 5 years ago

Thanks for the instructions.

Unfortunately Tvheadend addon crashes after 4-5 channel switching, hence I cannot reach the faulty status.


Updated by Akos Sz almost 5 years ago


Any other hint how to get debug information?
This is a very annyoing fault and 100% reproducible even with the latest release ot tvheadend addon.

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