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Feature #3991: Change MPEG-TS input data handling (timeshift,use-data-from-timeshift,stream-migration-to-another-client)

Timeshift buffering, stuttering, artefacts with kodi - mostly 720p

Added by Micha Riechert over 5 years ago. Updated over 4 years ago.

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latest & 4.2
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for many month i have timeshift issues (mostly 720p, please test ZDF HD, DVB-S). Timeshift is buffering, stuttering and showing artefacts. I testet this with Kodi on Windows, Mac and Libreelec.
I got a confirmation for this in the kodinerds forum. Other users have the same issue.
Please also have a look on this:

this seems the same issues.
I testes the latest master build and the last 4.2 stable with the same issues.
This issues doesn't come up everytime. Thats why please test it with ZDF HD or other 720p channels.



Updated by C vH over 5 years ago

VLC + HTSP Plugin and Kodi (regardless version) is not correctly working with timeshift (can't remember that is ever worked), scrolling at the timeshift is basically completely broken at both clients (anyone knows other clients that work with timeshift ?). So I am not too sure if it is an HTSP problem or an Tvh problem. I couldn't test other clients as Movian isn't working at all. Play/Pause timeshift is working okay - also the stream need ~5-10sec to get okay which is likely also not really okay.


Updated by Jaroslav Kysela over 5 years ago

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Updated by Henrik NoName over 5 years ago

got the same exact problem with my setup (kodi client)


Updated by Julian Kökeny about 5 years ago

I've got the same problem like the others.
I tested timeshift with TVH 4.3-1236 on the DVB-S2-Sender "ZDF HD". I'm also using Kodi and the TVH-PVR as frontend.
Once Timeshift is activated, the stream runs sometimes for a few minutes without any problem, but then it starts to stutter, shows artefacts and buffers. So it does not only occur while scrolling through the timeshift stream.


Updated by Dietmar Konermann over 4 years ago

Timeshift is buffering, stuttering and showing artefacts

Some progress from

The buffering seems to be cured by a workaround/fix (depends on point of view) :) ... stuttering and artifacts on 720p are still present.

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