Feature #4685

Persist image path to dvr/log

Added by Em Smith about 4 years ago. Updated about 4 years ago.

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Looking at pvr.hts CTvheadend::GetRecordings it appears it currently sets an image path to the recording's channel icon. Since some xmltv providers supply image URLs for the programme, we should persist that path to the dvr/log and send it on to the clients so they can provide an image for the programme.

I'll take a look in a few days.

Associated revisions

Revision 2ef972a1 (diff)
Added by Em Smith about 4 years ago

ui: Persist image to dvr/log and send to ui. (#4685).

Previously it was only available for upcoming recordings
but now we persist it to the dvr/log so it can be sent
to clients and displayed on recorded programmes.

Issue: #4685

Revision 790279d0 (diff)
Added by Em Smith about 4 years ago

ui: Prefer to use accessor for de_image. (#4685).

This allows it to also try and get an image from the current EPG
if the entry does not have an associated image.

Issue: #4685

Revision ea4d9575 (diff)
Added by Em Smith about 4 years ago

dvr: Prefer image from current broadcast to persisted image, fixes #4685

A programme in the far future may have generic details and a generic
image. For example, "Oprah is interviewing people." As the programme
nears broadcast date, the programme may then get more specific details
and a more specific image ("Oprah is interviewing Bob").

So we prefer the image from the broadcast to the one currently persisted.



Updated by Em Smith about 4 years ago

An example new htsp message:

'image': 'https://....jpg',
'method': 'dvrEntryAdd',


Updated by Em Smith about 4 years ago

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