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Add recording format specifier to simplify scraping

Added by Em Smith about 4 years ago. Updated about 4 years ago.

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Add a new format specifier "$q" to generate "queryable" (scrapable) names for recordings. This relies on good guide data, typically xmltv data that contains "movie".

This format specifier helps split movies and shows in to separate hierarchies without needing post-processing.

Examples are:
- tvmovies/Gladiator (2000)
- tvshows/Countdown/Countdown
- tvshows/Bones/Bones - S05E11 - The X in the Files

A couple of other modifiers are also added for cases where guide data is not good so recordings can be forced to be movie or tvshow for cases where a user has separate recording profiles for movies and shows.

Associated revisions

Revision 8d51f5aa (diff)
Added by Em Smith about 4 years ago

dvr: Add scraper-friendly format string. (#4667)

We add a few new format strings. This helps split
movies and tvshows in to separate folders to make
it easier for external programs to scrape.

$q and $Q determine if the programme is a movie or a
show from the guide data, with variants to force
detection as a movie or a show.

We then create "queryable" or scrapable names such as:
tvmovies/Gladiator (2000)
tvshows/Bonanza/Bonanza - S09E18 - The Burning Sky

This simplifies the recording format string for people
with good guide data since it easily splits the programmes
without need of post-processing scripts.

We don't split sports, news, etc. in to separate directories
purely because it is difficult to identify programmes that
are purely those categories. For example a popular nightly
politics series is classified as "News", whereas most people
think of news as being purely news headlines programmes.

We also add variants of $1q and $2q to force the programme
to be considered a movie or show ignoring the guide data.
The names are chosen to make it easier to add other variants
in the future if necessary ($3q, $4q, etc).

Issue: #4667

Revision 83cf79e1 (diff)
Added by Em Smith about 4 years ago

dvr: Buffers for scraper specifier should not use PATH_MAX. (#4667)

The buffers were incorrectly using PATH_MAX to size their buffers.

Also add missing newline in property for

Issue: #4667

Revision 68e6f3b4 (diff)
Added by Em Smith about 4 years ago

dvr: No need to reset description when it matches subtitle. (#4667)

Issue: #4667.

Revision e9ffb2cc (diff)
Added by Em Smith about 4 years ago

dvr: Make tvshows/tvmovies subdirectory configurable. (#4667).

Issue: #4667.

Revision cdd35c8c (diff)
Added by Jaroslav Kysela about 4 years ago

DVR: config - format tvmovies/tvshows - assign the default string more early, fixes #4667

Revision b106250c (diff)
Added by Em Smith almost 3 years ago

dvr: New fmt spec for per-dir seasons and one movie per dir. (#4667)

Previously the $q format specifier would only output movies as:
tvmovies/title (yyyy).ts

However, a common alternative is to store each movie in its
own sub-directory:
tvmovies/title1 (yyyy)/title1 (yyyy).ts
tvmovies/title2 (yyyy)/title2 (yyyy).ts

Similarly for episodes we output:
tvshows/title/title - SxxEyy.ts

But a common alternative is to have one directory per season:
tvshows/title/Season 1/title - S01Eyy.ts
tvshows/title/Season 2/title - S02Eyy.ts

So we now add a "$3q" to output these common alternatives, as requested
in the forums.

Also add equivalent "$3Q" to output without the "genre" prefix
i.e., without "tvshows/" or "tvmovies/".

Issue: #4667



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