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SAT>IP client DVB-S

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SAT>IP client options to set only DVB-S in 'Tuner configuration'. Not DVBS2/S.
Idea is when manual set only DVB-S TVH ip-client to send only request DVB-S to SAT>IP Server, because my SAT>IP server have only DVB-S, but TVH send request for mux with DVB-S2.
Now when i try DVB-S2 mux TVH send requet to SAT>IP server, but sever is only support dvb-s and must fail and go another tunner with S2 support.

I want when set manual in 'Tuner configuration' only DVB-S, TVH to send to this SAT>IP server only dvb-s mux request, when request dvb-s2 to go another tunner with S2.



Updated by Mono Polimorph about 6 years ago

Petar Ivanov wrote:

SAT>IP client options to set only DVB-S in 'Tuner configuration'. Not DVBS2/S.


Interesting. However, the SAT>IP standard assumes that all DVB-Satellite tuners are DVB-S2. Then, for this reason isn't available DVB-S only. In any case, I found this useful. Perhaps the TVHE can force to use only DVB-S requests.


Updated by Petar Ivanov about 6 years ago

Here situation is more i use old dvb-s STB converten to SAT>IP server , where STB is only with dvb-s tunner. Use minisatip. Here
But for dvb-s work nice, but problem is howi say TVH send request for DVB-S2 muxx to SAT>IP server, but server not support DVB-S2 and bad time for wait TVH to fail muxx and go another tunner with support S2.
TVH recognize tuner like DVB-S2, but he really is DVB-S but no support option to set DVB-S manuel in TVH this is reason to i ask this support in TVH.


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