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It would be nice to have a Live Buffer. The LiveBuffer records the actually watched channel. If the user would like to se a scene again he cant rewind to this scene or the user can record the movie after he has watched the movie (so he can put the movie in his archive, if he realized he likes the movie).
If the user switch the channel the buffer will be cleared.

This would make it maybe easier to implement timeshift in xbmc for tvheadend, because other backends (e.g. MediaPortal and Mythtv) also has this feature.

see also thread
mediaportal timeshift in xbmc:



Updated by Andreas Smas over 12 years ago

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Updated by Nathan McAullay over 11 years ago

For me the only problem i have with TVHeadend is the decision to record to only MKV. It means that playing back a recording that is in progress is not really possible. I understand that the MKV format also introduces problems for timeshifting. Some development work was done on a non-MKV format, but this appears to have been rejected, as MKV is the designated future of TVHeadend.

From my perspective, the playback-while-recording and timeshift functions are becoming more requested of a PVR solution. I don't use timeshift, but DO playback during recording.

It seems that the decision to stay with MKV is causing a future feature bottleneck.
I'll double post this into the forums.



Updated by Adam Sutton over 11 years ago

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I think we all want to see this, but its a question of time and availability. But I'll keep bugging Andreas about it.


Updated by piotr galek about 11 years ago

Any news or progress in topic ? i saw 4the record and media portal with XBMC already support Timeshift


Updated by Adam Sutton about 11 years ago

It's been discussed quite a bit in #hts, the problem is finding the time to do it. And since the focus for the last few weeks has been stabilising for 3.2 not much has been done.

I have some reasonable ideas for doing it (from a high level) but haven't yet decided whether or not I actually have the skills. But I have a couple of other people I can lean on.

The hope is it will arrive in 3.4, but no timescales or promises yet.



Updated by Ben . about 11 years ago

I'd love that if/when this is implemented, there would be an option to write the buffer to memory rather than HDD. Obviously this wouldn't be useful for low power devices, but I'd much rather boost the amount of RAM in my server than have constant writes to a HDD.


Updated by Adam Sutton about 11 years ago


I don't think we will make this an explicit option (it's not necessary). However we will make the timeshift directory configurable.

And there is of course nothing stopping you from making that directory be something like /dev/shm, or something similar.

But we're still a good way off doing this, though Andreas and I have been chatting about it.



Updated by Adam Sutton almost 11 years ago

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Going to mark this as done. Although the feature is far from complete a partial solution exists (not yet merged to master) and it will continue to be updated as we go.


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