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Few bugfixes / improvements

Added by cyberjunk - over 12 years ago. Updated over 12 years ago.

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I fixed a couple of errors I was experiencing with current git builds.
I attached the patches, they might be useful..

1) default_sortorder.patch:
This sets the default sortorder in channel-grid (navigate: Configuration/Channels) to "ascending sorted by user assigned number".
This effects almost all channellists within the app, for example this also changes the channellists presented by the dropdown selectors (i.e. elecronic-program guide channel-selector or vlc-windows channel selector).

2) mime_type.patch:
This changes the M3U playlist return mime-type from "application/x-mpegURL" to "audio/x-mpegurl". According to ( this is more correct (there's no application/... variant). After changing, my browsers automatically suggest the ".m3u" extension for downloaded-file when opening the URL. for example this enables .m3u downloading and auto-opening also by Internet Explorer. (did not work before, no recognized mime-type).

3) tune_chconf_grid.patch:
This fixes the "Play" link in channels-grid, that was pointing to the playlist url instead of the stream. It also adds another column with a direct M3U download link.

4) tune_epg_grid.patch:
This adds 2 new link-colums to the EPG-grid, one for M3U download and one for direct play within embedded player. to avoid opening the popup when clicking the links, the click-handler design was slightly adjusted.

5) tune_vlc_popup.patch:
This contains lots of fixes and improvements for the vlc-player windows, they are
  • Enable resize for player-window (inner vlc-plugin autoscales to 100%, allows movie-resize during playback)
  • Fixes channel-switching (didn't work before here, it played always the same channel)
  • Enables multiple vlc-playback-windows for parallel playback of more than 1 stream
  • Adds a message to fullscreen-button click, that fullscreen mode is broken in VLC 1.1.x if VLC plugin 1.1.x is detected
    (see, last known version to work: 1.0.5 <- that one has no DXVA for example :( )
  • Now shows M3U and DirectStream URL if plugin is missing in BOTH cases (there were 2 in code)

Please review these patches carefully, I'm new to tvheadend :)
I have also some more improvements in mind, for example the VLC plugin supports setting deinterlace-settings...

with kind regards,


default_sortorder.patch (462 Bytes) default_sortorder.patch cyberjunk -, 2011-04-14 02:29
mime_type.patch (358 Bytes) mime_type.patch cyberjunk -, 2011-04-14 02:29
tune_chconf_grid.patch (791 Bytes) tune_chconf_grid.patch cyberjunk -, 2011-04-14 02:29
tune_epg_grid.patch (2.01 KB) tune_epg_grid.patch cyberjunk -, 2011-04-14 02:29
tune_vlc_popup.patch (6.19 KB) tune_vlc_popup.patch cyberjunk -, 2011-04-14 02:29
fix_dvr_playback.patch (582 Bytes) fix_dvr_playback.patch cyberjunk -, 2011-04-14 03:40
enable_deinterlacer.patch (714 Bytes) enable_deinterlacer.patch cyberjunk -, 2011-04-14 04:11
firefox_config_m3ufiles.PNG (60.5 KB) firefox_config_m3ufiles.PNG cyberjunk -, 2011-04-14 04:44



Updated by cyberjunk - over 12 years ago

I noticed that my changes to vlc-player-window in patch above broke playback of recordings.
attached patch solves this issue (uses a direct-stream link instead of M3U playlist for recordings-playback)


Updated by cyberjunk - over 12 years ago

last but not least, the following patch, which sits on top of the tune_vlc_popup.patch (you have to patch with that one first!), will enable yadif2x deinterlacer for ALL content replayed in vlc-plugin-player. But only if VLC version > 1.1 is detected, because according to this feature is only supported in > 1.1)

be careful with that patch, a deinterlacer may not be necessary in every situation and it costs cpu-power, but it improves playback quality of interlaced stuff a lot. having an user-control in the menubar to enable deinterlacer would be much better...


Updated by cyberjunk - over 12 years ago

note for patch "mime_type.patch":
if you use mozilla browser + vlc plugin, the default behaviour for mime-type "audio/x-mpegurl" is to open by vlc-plugin directly in browser (default after vlc installation with enabled mozilla-plugin-checkbox).. if you experience the problem, that you do not get a dialog asking wether to download or open the m3u file after applying the patch and clicking on the "Load" links in the grid (instead you get a black screen), then open your firefox settings and modify the default-action for "m3u" files (set it to "ask for action" or assign vlc-player directly).


Updated by Andreas Smas over 12 years ago

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  • Target version set to 2.13

Thanks a lot for looking into this.

I don't like the modifications to the EPG. I think it bloats the UI too much.

Perhaps you can make the columns default hidden?

And please, use github and a fork of tvheadend and do pull requests to make changes. It's much easier to review and merge.

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