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SAT>IP: Support 'virtual' Multicast Streams

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Before commenting the SAT>IP protocol supports both Unicast and Multicast streams, let me to explain what I like to achieve:

- In my local LAN I have three Multicast Streams running continously. These Streams are SPTS with all DVB tables. So, fully compatible with any DVB receiver.

- Also I have two SAT>IP servers. One is a DVB-S2 hardware server, and the second is one instance of tvh. So, I use different SAT>IP clients in my house connecting to tvh, as the hardware server is managed by it.

- My goal is to ADD these three Multicast streams to the list of the SAT>IP served streams. I know, that I can configure IPTV in the tvh... However, I prefer that clients directly access to the Multicast stream. The idea is not waste resources in multicast-to-unicast as my clients have support for both: multicast and unicast.

How to achieve then this?

  • Objective: In TVH add support for multicast streams over the SAT>IP protocol without re-sending (=streaming) the source.
  • Required: In a list of "virtual IPTV multicast streams" the TVH SAT>IP server uses these streams, but when one client requests one of them, it sends the corresponding RTSP response to the client for use the "already streaming" TS using multicast. It could be supported adding one checkbox for IPTV sources that indicates "no re-streaming multicast source". This parameter is used at IPTV source (MUX) level.

More or less, it's the same as the protocol specification for MULTICAST access, but in this case the SOURCE of the Stream is different from the SAT>IP SERVER.

You will like to implement this?



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