Bug #4268

2 DVB-T channels no longer working but the rest, on different muxes work fine

Added by brimur brimur almost 6 years ago.

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I am hoping someone will have some troubleshooting tips for me as I have no idea why this might be happening. I have a PCTV 292e USB stick for watching my digital terrestrial channels using TVH. We use a few differnt muxes in my area, the main ones are 546Mhz (6 channels) and 570Mhz (2 channels). This has been working perfectly for the last two years. The setup has not changed much in that time but the last few days I cannot watch the two channels on 570Mhz, one is a HD channel and the other is SD. I plugged the aerial into the TV and was able to tune the two channels and watch them but I cant watch them through TVH with the PCTV 292e. If none on the channels worked I would just assume the 292e was broken but there is no issue with the other 6 channels on the 546Mhz mux and a few other muxes work too (radio and TV stations) which suggests to me the 292e is working.

This is the only message I see with debugging enabled...

mpegts: 570MHz in Ireland - tuning on Silicon Labs Si2168 : DVB-T #0
subscription: 01D8: "scan" subscribing to mux "570MHz", weight: 2, adapter: "Silicon Labs Si2168 : DVB-T #0", network: "Ireland", service: "Raw PID Subscription"
linuxdvb: Silicon Labs Si2168 : DVB-T #0 - poll TIMEOUT
mpegts: 570MHz in Ireland - scan no data, failed
subscription: 01D8: "scan" unsubscribing

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