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This was first requested a good few years ago now -

MediaHighWay EPG (MHW). This is transmitted over the air by some satellite providers in Europe using two PIDs on a designated transponder (210 and 211 for MHW1 and 561-566 for MHW2) and carries 5-7 days of EPG data. These providers only carry now and next EIT information otherwise.

The system was created by the Canal group, so it's historically been available through satellite providers they originally owned - Canal Sat France, Movistar+ Spain (Canal Satélite Digital), Canal NL, Sky Italia (Telepiu), Cyfra+ Poland.

I have only looked at the two providers on 19.2E - Movistar+ and Canalsat France. Since going HD only a couple of years ago, Canal France does not seem to carry this data any more on their 'home' transponder (12363V), they must use the internet or something else. However Movistar+ is still carrying MHW2 data on PIDs 561-566 on 10847V. I think MythTV can use this data, and also Enigma2. I put an OpenSPA image on my Wetek Play which has MHW2 Movistar+ capability built in and successfully downloads the 7 day EPG from 10847V. I don't know about the other providers, but they were all MHW1 (PIDs 210 and 211), except for Movistar.

Looking at a couple of the PIDs for Movistar on 10847V in hex view in Transedit, you can clearly see the EPG data - programme names on 563 and descriptions on 566. The other PIDs have similar on them (I think series link, channel names/SIDs etc).

In order to download the full EPG, you must be tuned to the transponder (parsing the PID data) for 6 minutes in order to receive all the programmes. The data is transmitted as tables over the PIDs, one table corresponds to channel names, one table corresponds to programme genres, one table corresponds to channel names, etc.

Just thought I would open this ticket with all the information I know so far, if anyone knows more and can take a look at it. There's lots of stuff out there as MediaHighway has been widely supported elsewhere since the early 2000s.

If I can get to grips with C and processing MPEG TS tables then I may be able to take a look at it myself!


PID566.png (53.3 KB) PID566.png Adam W, 2017-03-04 11:38
PID563.png (49.3 KB) PID563.png Adam W, 2017-03-04 11:38



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Use project EPG Collector:

It does that you search for. It's actively maintained, supports SAT>IP and other tuners, and can export to WMC and XMLTV.
The only drawback is that's Windows only... However, you can run it in a Virtual Machine and use the SAT>IP server capabilities of the TVHE.


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