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Set offset in HTS m3u8 MUX playlist for IPTV

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Target version:4.4


German IPTV channels off a 30 minuts timeshift, which causes playback of IPTV stream in tvheaded to start back in tme by 30 minutes. Technically, the rolling playlist (m3u8) has 180 sequence-entries of 10 seconds each. An example can be found here: http://live-lh.daserste.de/i/[email protected]/index_2692_av-b.m3u8?sd=10&rebase=on

The feature I'd like to have is specifying an offset in the MUX configuration, either in time or in sequence number. Ideally I can specify a negative offset the instructs tvheadend to pick the n'th sequence counting from the end of file, or a positive offset, wich is interpreted as offset from the start of the playlist.

So in my example with 180 10 second sequences, an offset of -1 would mean that tvheadend would play the 180th sequence, -2 the 179th and so on. Offset 0 is the "default" behaviour, i.e. start at first sequence. Offset 1 would men the 2nd sequence, 2 the 3rd and so on.

Alternatively, if the offset would be in seconds, specifying -1 would men try to start 1 sec before the end of the last sequence, -10 start ten seconds before the and so on, while an offset of 15 would start 15 seconds ahead of the beginning of teh first sequence file.

Hope everything is clearly stated...


Bug #5014: Current time isn't used when opening an *.m3u8 streamRejected


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