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Add Blindscan Feature.

Added by Stephan Oelze almost 7 years ago. Updated almost 7 years ago.

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Dear Developers!

I am using tvheadend for a long time now. New technologies come into play for the Sattelite market.

These programmable unicable lnbs will become more usual in future. It can staticaly "mount" transponders into
the cabletree of an house installation. In my case the frequencies to tunein a transponder are completely different then
from those of the satalite itself by using a legacy lnb for example. In Result of this behavior a "Network discovery"
does not make sense anymore in its current state.

Channel:3 Sat HD
original Transponder: 11347V
in my case: 11005V
channel: BR Fernsehen Nord HD
original Transponder: 11582V
in my case: 11208V

What i did is a "blind scan" with my LG tv and picked out the transponders(32-lnblimit), which the lnb staticaly provides, one by one into tvheadend. This Method worked verry well
but took me hours to complete cause you have to pick every value by hand (freq,symb,roll....).

I tried Network discovery over few days, because i made good experiences over the years within other installations. But it is screwing you up all the time on such static lnb installations.
Playback is stuttering, a lot of channels are missing ~60% and you end up with ~200 dead transponders in your muxes list(Astra 19.2°).

What do you think, is a blindscan feature doable/desireable?




Updated by Mono Polimorph almost 7 years ago


My suggestion is more simple to implement: Read a "Network" mappings (list of transponder) by file. Then you can create the file (simple text based or human readable XML/JSON/etc), import it to TvH, and then do the "Network Scanning" using "your" "Network".

I feel it's the more simple solution.
You agree?


Updated by Stephan Oelze almost 7 years ago

This idea will make thinges easier for those installations. It is better than typing everyone by hand.


Updated by Jaroslav Kysela almost 7 years ago

I see basically two ways:

1) let tvh know the frequency / horizontal / vertical switch remapping to make everything work (including the network discovery), so the user will create a similar table as in the inverto LNB programmer / controller
2) create own transpoder list - you may already do it - follow the data/dvb-scan (compiled with --enable-bundle) or the system-wide /usr/share/dvb[v35] tree, then just select the predefined list of muxes for a network


Updated by saen acro almost 7 years ago

More simplest way is to have transponders "satellite.ini" import/export
for example this ini files

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