Bug #4026

Tvheadend restarts at processing XMLTV grabber

Added by Akos Sz about 5 years ago. Updated about 5 years ago.

EPG - Grabbers
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4.1-2267 and 4.1-2278
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I have been using an internal XMLTV grabber called Today I observed that Tvheaend is continously restarting after 1-2 minutes of watching TV. I concluded that the restart occurs when internal XMLTV grabber is triggered. The workaround was that I disabled the grabber. Now tvheadend works fine.

Tvheadend is running on a wetek play, with Libreelec 7.0.2. The addon version is 7.0.444 -> Tvheadend 4.1-2267, the same fault is present with 4.1-2278

The only log available is service.log these were the last line before the restart (crash):

2016-10-16 19:52:35.000 [ INFO] xmltv: /storage/.kodi/addons/service.tvheadend42/bin/ grab /storage/.kodi/addons/service.tvheadend42/bin/
2016-10-16 19:52:35.029 [ INFO] spawn: Executing "/storage/.kodi/addons/service.tvheadend42/bin/"
2016-10-16 19:52:35.958 [ INFO] xmltv: /storage/.kodi/addons/service.tvheadend42/bin/ grab took 1 seconds

I attached the XML file which is provided by the grabber. I had a quick look into it but saw nothing suspicious. Probabyl the XML file is corrupt however Tvheadend should not crash due to corrupt input.


guide.xml (4.45 MB) guide.xml Presumably this xml file kills tvheadend Akos Sz, 2016-10-16 21:01 (1.98 KB) grabber script with modification to reply the killer xml file Akos Sz, 2016-10-17 17:35



Updated by Akos Sz about 5 years ago

I am afraid I cannot provide more logs due to limitationa in Libreelec. In case of issue #3307 we already discussed.
Now, I am pretty sure that the attached xml file triggers the fault. The grabber works fine today, however if I modify the script and emit this killer xml file content to tvheadend it immediatelly restarts.

The grabber script is very simple. I attached it with my modifications. You can see my changes to force the stored killer xml file.
Could not you try to reproduce the fault on your system and collect the needed logs? Sorry for the inconvenience but I cannot provide you the requested information.


Updated by Akos Sz about 5 years ago

I talked to the author of the grabber and he confirmed that the xml is corrupted due to a change on the web page parsed by the grabber.
If you look into the file the "display-name" elements contain truncated information or sometimes empty. I guess this causes the trouble.

I would like Tvheadend to be improved to prevent crash in case of corrupt XML input.

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