Feature #3675

Refresh recording entry after completion of PostProcessing script

Added by Steve Black over 2 years ago. Updated about 2 years ago.

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Category:PVR / DVR
Target version:4.4


In my environment I have found it necessary to move/rename recording files in my PostProcessing script to add them to my Kodi library. This breaks the recording entry in TVH. I have included code to find and edit (fgrep/sed) the log file to correct the name, but TVH does not recognize this change and marks the recording as failed. If I restart TVH it rereads the log files and they revert back to Finished.

It seems that if TVH would automatically reread each log file after PostProcessing, this change would be recognized on the fly.

This Issue is related to #3674 - New HTSP method to update/refresh a recording entry


Feature #4019: Ability to change recorded file path via UINewAdam Sutton


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