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Please, do not automatically download and build third parity packages

Added by Ivan Kalvachev over 6 years ago. Updated over 6 years ago.

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Please, do not automatically download and build third parity packages.

It's horrible idea, all the way around.

1. It downloads and builds stuff by default.
Even when you run `./configure` without any options.

2. There is absolutely no indication that configure have failed to detect these components.

3. It downloads and builds stuff that I already have latest versions. (yasm, libvpx, ffmpeg, etc ). It makes build slow and huge, for no reason at all.

4. There is no indication that it is going to download and compile third parity stuff on its own.
Configure is supposed to detect what is available and adapt to it...

5. There is no way to disable some of the stuff that you seem to consider essential. There is no way to change their configure options, other than editing the build files...

6. Security.
So many things could go wrong. Things that are out of your control...



Updated by Jaroslav Kysela over 6 years ago

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Updated by K Shea over 6 years ago

I'm reading this and while I think I understand what is being asked, I'll also opine that many TVHeadEnd users like it precisely because you can install Ubuntu Server or Debian Linux, install TVHeadEnd, maybe install any needed tuner drivers and you are pretty much off and running. The majority of users probably appreciate that TVHeadEnd automatically installs whatever it needs, and such users don't particularly care if a newer version of a package is replaced with an older one as long as it all works. For ever Linux guru that wants complete control over every aspect of their system, there's a guy like me who barely "gets" Linux (on a good day) and doesn't want to have to deal with installing individual dependencies if it can be avoided.

I'm not saying he isn't making valid points, in fact I honestly don't know, and the one thing I will agree with is the last part of point 5, that users should not have to build TVHeadEnd themselves (let alone edit build files) to enable certain options, because that's simply not in the skill set of many users. I might also agree with point 6, "Security", if I had any idea what the problem is, but I don't. Suffice it to say that I do want the system to be secure, but up to this point I haven't perceived anything about it as being particularly insecure, as long as you are good about applying all the Ubuntu/Debian system updates as they become available.


Updated by Sam Stenvall over 6 years ago

The only packages that are downloaded is ffmpeg, and you can disable that.


Updated by Ivan Kalvachev over 6 years ago

Sam Stenvall wrote:

The only packages that are downloaded is ffmpeg, and you can disable that.

If you take a look of Makefile.ffmpeg you can see that the packages that are downloaded are:


My points are:

- I DO have system FFmpeg, I DO want that one to be used.

- I DO NOT want automated download of stuff from internet. (Unless I have explicitly allowed it).

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