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Initial Config: Tuner-to-Network Relationship

Added by Prof Yaffle about 7 years ago. Updated about 7 years ago.

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This just came up on IRC... just wondering if it could be slightly easier...

To configure tvheadend initially, you basically work through the Configuration -> DVB Inputs tabs from left to right. That makes sense.

However, where this breaks is that you first check your tuners and enable them (tab 3-3-1), then define a network (tab 3-3-2), then associate the network with a tuner (back to tab 3-3-1), then define muxes (tab 3-3-3), scan/check for services (tab 3-3-4) and map to channels (map on 3-3-4 and then shift to tab 3-4-1 to check). Tabs counted from left to right, top to bottom, so EPG is tab 1, DVR upcoming is 2-1, and so on.

I wonder if it wouldn't be more logical to have some way of associating the network with the tuner in the networks tab (3-3-2) and so avoid going back to the tuners tab (3-3-1).



Updated by Jaroslav Kysela about 7 years ago

It's a partial overlap of #3351 . I plan to do such simple tuner / network assignment / creation in the wizard (and I'm working on this right now).

The problem is that the network might be assigned to deeper level of the tuner settings (DVB-S) depending on the LNB / rotor etc. It's more comfortable to use the input tree than select the input from a "flat list".


Updated by Jaroslav Kysela about 7 years ago

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The wizard allows to do quick config now.. The complex settings should be configured using the standard way (network setup / tuner assignment).

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