Bug #3485

accessibility of the tvheadend admin page for blind persons

Added by David Parduhn about 7 years ago. Updated over 6 years ago.

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hi guys,

As a blind person I have to use a screen reader to surf in web pages (such as the admin page of tvheadend:-).

I have the following accessibility issues while configuring the tvheadend instance:

1. extjs: mostly every checkbox in the config pages (such as "enable dvb" "enable over-the-air epg" etc. aren't probably displayed. Instead of displaying "on" od "off" depending on the checkboxes status, just "extjs" is displayed by the screen reader.
2. iMHO not all elements of the admin page are displayed correctly (I wasn't able to scan for channels with my hauppauge wintv hvr 3000 dvb-s card using astra 19.2e.

I'm using the current stable version of tvheadend 4.0.8 in ubuntu 15.10

I've tested the following screen readers and operating systems:
- Firefox 43 in ubuntu 15.10 with orca
- Internet explorer with the latest snapshot of nvda in Windows xp and Windows 7
- ios 9.2 and safari with Voiceover

further infos about accessibility can be found at the following link(s):

- the web content accesibility guideline contains general info about accessibility of web sites. it can be found here:
- more about accessibility of extjs can be found here:
- the current version of nvda can be downloaded at
- orca can be installed into ubuntu using the package gnome-orca
- to activate voiceover in ios, either tripple tap the home button or enable it in settings --> general --> accessibility --> voiceover.

i hope the admin interface of tvheadend will be more accessible in future versions of tvheadend.

Do you know any alternative frontend which is more accessible?





Updated by Robin Kipp almost 7 years ago

Hi Dave,
thanks for submitting this bug!
I have just installed Tvheadend on a Raspberry Pi running Debian and can confirm those issues, running Mac OS on the client machine with the VoiceOver screen reader.
Since it's now been some time since you posted this, I was wondering whether you managed to find any workarounds for those problems? I guess my setup is similar to your's, only I am using a DVB-T card. I can see that the card is recognized as a DVB input, however I also cannot scan or do anything useful here sadly... In case you couldn't get Tvheadend to work, do you know of any accessible alternatives, such as VDR?
Thanks a lot for any help, greatly appreciated!
Best wishes,


Updated by Ben Mustill-Rose over 6 years ago


Did either of you find a solution to this? I've just installed 4.09 and am running into exactly the same issues.
Since I'm not a Tvheadend expert, it's hard to tell if my install isn't functioning correctly or if the UI is simply so inaccessible that you're not able to carry out even the most basic of tasks in it.
The show stopping issues that I'm running in too are not being able to determine the state of checkboxes & not being able to click buttons(?).

Is there perhaps another way of performing the initial configuration?


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