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Feature #2454: Option to backup settings from WEBUI

Utility to save the contents of every active page in every tab to a text file

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I was thinking about this because of the problem I am having that is detailed in my post at I understand that it would fundamentally not be easy to make it so that TVHeadEnd can back up its configuration and restore it to a new installation, because you can't be sure the hardware will be the same, or there may be other factors that would make it difficult. But what would make things a LOT easier would be if there were a utility that the user could run that would basically walk through all the available web pages in the GUI, including all the save/edit screens for active networks, muxes, services, channels, etc. and just save the contents of each such page to a huge text file that would show all of the information that was entered the whenever a network/mux/service/channel/whatever was created or last edited.

All this information has to be stored in a database, so that when the user brings up a tab or attempts to edit an item the previously-entered information is brought in, so what I am essentially asking is for a utility to dump that entire database containing all that information to a text file in human-readable form, so that when you are building a new system or attempting to upgrade TVHeadEnd, you can just go down through that text file, see what the previous values were, and then enter or copy/paste those values to the new system. That way, if anything has changed the user can deal with that as he goes, but at least he'll have all the settings from the previous installation available in one text file, without needing to take a huge number of screenshots or resort to other less-desirable ways to try and save the data so it can be transferred to the new system.



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I don't like this idea. Also, it's partial dup of #2454 .

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