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Multiple channels names for one xmltv id

Added by Mario D almost 8 years ago. Updated almost 8 years ago.

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My understanding of the actual implementation it that tvheadend associates the name of the channel found in the xmltv source to the ID. Than this name is used to automatically assign this ID to the available channels.
The scenario where this is problematic is the one where there are multiple channels that should have the same EPG (SD and HD version). This can be easily fixed manually assigning the xmltv ID to the second channel. Unfortunately this is not an effective solution when the channels are automatically created using a bouquet (the channels could be all lost/recreated operating on the bouquets... loosing all the manual assignments of xmltv IDs).
What can we do? To manage this problem, many xmltv sources use multiple "channel" chambers with the same ID:

<channel id="">
<display-name lang="it">Rai 1</display-name>
<channel id="">
<display-name lang="it">Rai 1 HD</display-name>
<channel id="">
<display-name lang="it">Rai1 </display-name>

I guess that tvheadend ignores the secondary names: I didn't test it but I can see just one name in the web interface.
It would be nice if tvheadend could store the multiple names and use them to automatically match multiple channels with the same ID. This would manage many real scenarios.

Thanks for all the work of the team!



Updated by Ron L almost 8 years ago

You can switch auto name and auto epg on and off if there are issues with some channels. The XMLTV source I use has the same channel name in several different IDs. Nothing you can do about how the xmltv source info comes in from the scrapper. So, I don't really see what can be done. Sometimes you just have to go in and manually sort things out.


Updated by Jaroslav Kysela almost 8 years ago

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Only one channel name is managed, but I think that it's OK to trace all names for the 'Auto EPG' functionality.


Updated by Mario D almost 8 years ago

@Ron: I know that the issue can be manually fixed but using bouquets you can nullify all your work disabling/reenabling the bouquets: all the channels are recreated.

Jaroslav Kysela: thanks you.


Updated by Jaroslav Kysela almost 8 years ago

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