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Tvheadend only detecting audio on channel

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I have problems with two encrypted channels (that are opened with my cwc). Both are on the same transponder (other channels on this transponder that i have subscription for work fine, so it is strange). And all other channels work fine. The problem is that tvheadend only detects the audio. Here is the web interface log when tvheadend is trying to record one of the channels:

Oct 25 14:29:32 dvr: Syfy- Buffy The Vampire Slayer .2010-10-25 from adapter: "Conexant CX24116/CX24118", network: "ASTRA", mux: "ASTRA: 11,681,000 kHz Vertical (No satconf)", provider: "BSkyB", service: "Syfy"
Oct 25 14:29:32 dvr: # type lang resolution samplerate channels
Oct 25 14:29:32 dvr: 5 MPEG2AUDIO 96000 0
Oct 25 14:29:32 dvr: 4 MPEG2AUDIO eng 48000 2
Oct 25 14:29:32 dvr: 3 TELETEXT
Oct 25 14:29:32 dvr: 2 TEXTSUB eng
Oct 25 14:29:32 dvr: 1 CA

The problem channel is syfy and there is also a channel called syfy+1 which works fine. So I am attached 2 dreambox recordings, one is from syfy (only audio detected) and the other is syfy+1 (both audio and video detected).

I am only talking about one of the problem channels above as i assume the other channel has the same problem whatever it is.



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