Feature #3099

Feature #2993: Bouquets - add support for m3u / xspf playlist (file:// and http[s]://)

Allow *.m3u as Mux-URL for multiple services

Added by Hanspeter Müller about 7 years ago. Updated about 7 years ago.

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It get's a bit messy with the current way where we have to add a mux for every web-stream (even if they are calling the same script). Would be great if you could allow http:// and/or file:// links to .m3u-files, where every line produces one Service, i.e.


which would produce one mux with three services LuxeTV, VEVO and NASA TV. I have no idea if the EXTVLCOPTS is something standard or VLC only, in the example above it sets the user-agent (obviously), otherwise akamai rejects the connection, if that is vlc-non-standard it could be done with a script...





Updated by B C about 7 years ago

this is already planed, see


Updated by Hanspeter Müller about 7 years ago

I saw that one, but that's only meant for bouquetts? Or will/should this work for Muxes too...?


Updated by B C about 7 years ago

well my original request was to be able to use an m3u file as a source just like a dvb card and add services from it to my channel list, so I did hope the m3u file is on the mux tab and will add services listed in it accordingly.


Updated by Jaroslav Kysela about 7 years ago

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The issue 2993 is for "auto management" of the IPTV muxes based on the external m3u playlist, which I understand is the request in this issue.

It's not possible to "merge" multiple services into one mux. Basically, it's expected to receive the full MPEG-TS stream (the mentioned services are already muxed as a separate MPEG-TS streams). TVH does not do any remuxing on the input side. I know, the 1:1 mapping for mux:service is a little pain for IPTV, but it's really only a special case where the MPEG-TS stream has only one service.

So it's a dup to 2993, closing now as rejected.

Why I think that this belongs to bouquets ? Bouquets handles also the automatic channel management.


Updated by Hanspeter Müller about 7 years ago

Ok, thanks for the explaination :)


Updated by B C about 7 years ago

what about a different approach and treating m3u files as an independent source? So the file is actually the equivalent of a PMT on a mux and it's entries are evaluated to services? I have no problem with the functionality the way it is implemented right now, also I could think of a simple script which does the boring job of importing the muxes. The only drawback right now is that tvh does a service scan of every mux, which in the case of SAT>IP includes the whole PMT.
In my use case I have defined 8 services as muxes from a single transponder which has a total of 55 services. I cannot go the normal SAT>IP way as I need a custom URL as this is needed for the server side ca implementation. The result of this is that I have 8 * the same 55 services (total 440) where only 8 of them are usable and working. For this reason I have not yet mapped the 30 or so radio station on this TP (which I would be interested in) as I would get another 1650 services where I would have to pick the right 30 ones.
To be honest, I have not used bouquets by now and help on this topic is not yet ready on this topic, but I did not see a way to map a bouquet entry to a channel like it is possible with services, but maybe I'm wrong and this is working the same way as for services?

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