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Laggy playback Kodi with DS414J

Added by Wilmar den Ouden almost 8 years ago. Updated almost 8 years ago.

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Hi reader,

Not sure if this is a bug yet but I hope that someone might know what the problem is. I was installing TvHeadend at a friend of mine because he saw my TV setup and wanted it to ;)

At home I have the same tuner and provider combo as my friend but not a Synology NAS but a Ubuntu box and everything is working flawless at home.

At my friends' I started installing the TvHeadend version out of the SynoCommunity repo on his DS414J but fast I discovered that it was very outdated and was not capable of detecting the HDHomeRun Tuner (HDHR3-EU).

After a little Googling I found the Dierkse repo and installed the newest TvHeadend-Testing version (4.1.373-1). Which was luckily capable of finding the tuner and looked the same as the Ubuntu version I am familiar with.
So that was good but the first little problem was that the muxes were not automatically discovered as in the Ubuntu version so we added them manually.

In Kodi 15.0 the EPG got nicely filled but all the channels are having green artifacts if there is a bad signal and are buffering. It is a bit better with SD channels but HD channels are unwatchable right now.
Because the green artifacts looked like bad signal I checked the signal strength and it reported 93%, to be sure I added a signal amplifier and the signal went up to 100% but no difference.

So I looked at the NAS its cpu usage but it never peaks above 50% so that is also not the problem. The NAS is updated to the latest DSM version (5.2).

To be sure it is not the LAN speed I added my own server (the Ubuntu box spoken earlier about) to Kodi and everything worked flawlessly so the LAN speed is good enough.

I think I tested everything thoroughly and I narrowed down the problem to the TvHeadend package or does someone see an flaw in my testing?
I might be wrong about this but the NAS has a kinda weird Comcerto 2000 processor so could that be the problem?

I hope my story is clear and that someone could help us :)



Updated by B C almost 8 years ago

50% CPU on a dual core system might mean a fully utilized core and performance issues


Updated by Wilmar den Ouden almost 8 years ago

B C wrote:

50% CPU on a dual core system might mean a fully utilized core and performance issues

You could be right but does that result in green artifacts? I spoke to someone who has TvHeadend running on a older model NAS and he could watch SD streams without a problem.


Updated by B C almost 8 years ago

if the cpu can not cope with the stream, it will result in some kind of broken picture, including green artifacts. First of all I would check cpu usage in detail and if it maxes out check which thread uses the resources.

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