Bug #3018

28.2 bouquets, keeps changing loads of channel numbers to 4912 after a period of time

Added by tez tib almost 8 years ago. Updated over 7 years ago.

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HTS Tvheadend 3.9.2765~g0294882
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Hello everyone,

I'm constantly having to manually delete all my channels, then re-add them via the bouquets control, because every so often tvheadend will change loads of the channel numbers to 4912, which is causing a massive mess and hard to find some channels. Currently there is 54 channels which have changed to No.4912

Any idea why this is happening? As I said after I delete all channels then re-add them via scanning bouquet, all the numbers go back to normal, but how long for I don't know as it's completely random when it happens.

Below are the channel numbers which have changed:

They have also changed channel tag, since they used to have the bouquet number as the tag

A couple of days later, I've deleted all my channels, deleted all muxes, all channels etc. Re-scanned, remapped channels via the bouquets options. Everything was fine initially, but I've just checked today and once again a few channels have changed again to 4912.

It seems as if tvheadend will update frequencies of channels and just label the new channels numbers as 4912, which is very frustrating, as I'm constantly having to rinse and repeat the above in order to keep a tidy channel list.

Newly added channels as of today:

As you can see they are numbered as 4912, they also do not have the bouquet as a "tag". This list of 4912 will gradually build up over time. The other day there was 50+ channels labeled like this.



Updated by Jaroslav Kysela over 7 years ago

The 3.9.2765 version is too old and unsupported. Could you reproduce this issue with the recent tvh ?

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