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Channel-Logos in the EPG-Grid possible?

Added by Alfred Zastrow over 7 years ago. Updated over 7 years ago.

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attached is the information I've selected within the EPG-grid (less than more) and I would like to replace the channel-names against the channel-logos or (in best case!) to show them at the first position in the "details"-row. Then I could switch off the channel-name- and channel-number-row. :-)
There also would be some advantage for small screens of mobile phones.



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Updated by Prof Yaffle over 7 years ago

I looked at this some time ago - IIRC, it was relatively easy - the problem is that your EPG rapidly becomes x times longer because of the size of the icons. As of now, I have 81,116 events in my EPG, so making them all take up much more vertical space doesn't really do anyone any favours.

To my mind, it'd really be part of an EPG re-write, in that you have the logo once and events running left-to-right for that channel, as is the case for most commercial PVRs.

I'll see if I still have a branch and show you what I mean...


Updated by Prof Yaffle over 7 years ago

... and if you're using a mobile 'phone, look at tvhclient. I remember using tvh through a VPN while on holiday last year, and it wasn't pretty on a 10cm screen :)


Updated by Rafal Kupiec over 7 years ago

I think that EPG tab should contain 2 subtabs.
One of them would include EPG as it is implemeted right now, but the second tab would include timeline, which has been requested in #1133.
Thus all user with access to WebUI would be able to browse EPG easily.


Updated by saen acro over 7 years ago

Current EPG view is little bit uncomfortable
dbox receivers 10+ years ago Neutrino have better EPG view

Also available in: Atom PDF