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hand over TV channels to the right DVB input when needed

Added by Sulla Sulla over 6 years ago.

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Dear developers!

I have an issue with a setup (TVheadend 3.4.27 on openelec 4.0.7) that involves 2 DVB tuners, one of which offers partly different channels than the other: tvheadend uses the 2 tuners inefficiently to serve 2 clients. This should be corrected:

DVB input 1 offers TV channels, say A, B, C, D
DVB input 2 offers TV channels A, B, C

When I set client 1 to Channel A, my TVheadend server choses, DVB imput 1 and serves the signal.
When I then set client 2 to channel D, which is only available on DVB input 1, then TVheadend doesn't serve the channel, because DVB input 1 is already in use. DVB input 2 stays idle, as it cannot serve channel D.

What TVheadend really should do is:
switch the active stream(s) for client 1 from DVB input 1 over to DVB input 2, thus making DVB input 1 available. It then should serve channel D via DVB input 1 to client 2.

There are more complex situations involving more clients and additional channels for dvb input 2 etc..., but the problem is always the same: by handing over the right (active) channels to the right DVB inputs, it would be possible to serve more channels. I believe the algorithm should not be too difficult.

in my country certain channels are free, and some are encrypted. I have one dvb-input without CI/CAM/smartcard module to view all free channels, and one dvb-input with CI/CAM/smartcard module to view all encrypted as well as all free channels.

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