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Need a way to set up recurring recordings (every day, every week, specific days of week) when no EPG data is available

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I posted a thread in the forum at and since no one has answered I suspect that what I am asking for isn't currently possible. I am running a TBS MOI+ ( which includes a pre-installed version of TVHeadEnd 3.9.636~g03a69ff. I am using it in North America to receive free-to-air satellite signals.

The problem in North America is that these signals do not include EIT guide information, so there is no way for TVHeadEnd to obtain guide information from the programs themselves. It might be possible to import some guide information from an xmltv.xml file IF I could ever figure out how to do that, but my please for assistance on that seem to have fallen on deaf ears (, and in any event there are channels for which no guide information is available, yet such channels do air certain programs on a recurring basis.

If I go into Digital Video Recorder, Upcoming Recordings and click "Add Entry" then I can schedule a single upcoming recording, but it does not give me any way to do that on a recurring basis (for example, every week, every Thursday, every weekday, etc.). If I go to the "Automatic Recorder", it appears to me that only works if there is guide data available, since you can only schedule A "Starting Around" time and not an exact start time, and also you cannot schedule either an end time nor a recording duration. If there is a way to use the "Automatic Recorder" to record programs for which no EIT or EPG data is available, then I'm not finding any documentation that shows how to do it.

I only started using TVHeadEnd a few days ago but everything else seems so easy to configure, and yet this one simple task, scheduling a recurring recording, has so far proven to be impossible up to this point. The fact that no one seems to want to answer questions in the forum about how to do things related to scheduling programs or importing EPG data from an xmltv.xml file doesn't help, but as I say, for several of the channels I am receiving there is no schedule data available at all.



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The time based recorder was added in v3.9-1484-g6de4fb9 . If you find any bugs, create new issue.

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