Bug #2160

Duplicate Recordings of the same programme

Added by Kev S about 9 years ago. Updated about 9 years ago.

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For some reason the Automatic recorder is trying to record the same programme twice (no idea what it will actually do come the time as it's not reached them yet).

My hunch is that this is down to something to do two difference services being mapped to the same channel, and one of those also being mapped to a second channel. (Note that it;s also got the name of one of the QI showings wrong).

Basically I have one DVB-T2 tuner, and three DVB-T tuners. The HD channels are only available on the DVB-T2 tuner and are spread across two multiplexes. The DVB-T2 tuner has the highest priority so when a subscription is needed to, say BBC ONE, and the tuner is idle it will access the HD service. If another subscription then requests BBC Four it will find that the DVB-T2 tuner is in use and therefore will fall back on the SD variant of BBC Four. When recording a channel on the DVB-T multiplexes I obviously don't want it tying up my DVB-T2 tuner either.

The SD services are also mapped to a separate channel as BBC ONE HD doesn't carry local news, and the ITV-1 HD variant is West Midlands but the ITV-1 SD variant is East Midlands therefore I can still access the local programming (on TV Headend 3.4 I had to map the SD variant from the lowest priority tuner which wasn't as good) - the SD varients are also mapped separately so my phone can play them when I'm in the garden and the WiFi is a bit on the week side.


Services.png (12.4 KB) Services.png Kev S, 2014-07-01 17:06
Duplicates.png (55.9 KB) Duplicates.png Kev S, 2014-07-01 17:18



Updated by Kev S about 9 years ago

Kev S wrote:

and one of those also being mapped to a second channel.

Actually just double checked my config - I've not got a BBC Three SD so it's probably not that.

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