Bug #196

Incorrect values in linuxtv_muxes.h for DVB-C/Turku (patches included)

Added by Miika Vesti - over 10 years ago. Updated about 10 years ago.

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linuxtv_muxes.h has incorrect values in array struct mux muxes_DVBC_fi_Turku[]

This file seems to be automatically generated from dvb-apps' scan files which is the actual source of the problem.

Correct information about Turku Cable muxes can be found from: [html] [pdf]


linuxtv_muxes.h.patch (1.5 KB) linuxtv_muxes.h.patch Updated values for DVB-C/Turku. Miika Vesti -, 2010-04-07 19:27
dvb-apps-fi-Turku.patch (766 Bytes) dvb-apps-fi-Turku.patch dvb-apps scan file patch for fi-Turku Miika Vesti -, 2010-04-07 19:28



Updated by Miika Vesti - over 10 years ago

Links provided in description section point to documents that are in Finnish but it should be fairly easy to pick the relevant information from them.

I included patch for tvheadend although the linuxtv_muxes.h file seems to auto-generated. Next time this file is being generated I suggest that dvb-apps sources (scan files) are patched with the patch I included.

I did post the dvb-apps patch in question to the LinuxTV mailing list but I don't know whether it gets accepted or how long it takes.


Updated by Miika Vesti - over 10 years ago

My patch for dvb-apps was rejected by Linux Media mailing list as "Not applicable". No further comments were provided as to why.

Nevertheless, I am willing to post more scan file related patches for tvheadend if you need/want those.


Updated by Miika Vesti - over 10 years ago

What is the preferred format for scan file patches? Should I create scan file patches against dvb-apps source tree (utils/scan) or against tvheadend source tree (linuxtv_muxes.h, which is auto-generated)?


Updated by Miika Vesti - about 10 years ago

It seems that my scan file patch got accepted to dvb-apps by Linux Media mailing list after all and it is already committed to the dvb-apps Mercurial repository.


Updated by Andreas Smas about 10 years ago

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Then it should be in Tvheadend now. I regenerated from dvb-apps today.

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