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I don't wanna see ... (EPG blacklist)

Added by Bodo Eggert over 9 years ago. Updated about 2 years ago.

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There are many programs I don't want to see ever. I'd like to optionally blacklist them from the EPG. (It's easier to find needles without adding a haystack.)


Feature #4848: EPG - add feature to filter out irrelevant eventsRejectedAdam Sutton




Updated by Adam Sutton over 9 years ago

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Updated by Damian Gołda about 8 years ago



Updated by Jaroslav Kysela about 8 years ago

What's the reason to have these services mapped to channels ? You may also uncheck the enable checkbox in the channel grid, but it will also block the streaming.


Updated by Damian Gołda about 8 years ago

I suppose Bodo Eggert wrote not about services and channels but EPG entries (broadcasts).

For example: I'm not interested in soap operas titled "L for Love", "Colours of Hapiness" and so on, which are broadcasted every weekday twice or more times on TVP2 channel, So I add them to blacklist and I don't see such entries in EPG anymore.

(Yes I know about ContentType filtering but it doesn't solve problem).

But if "programs" means "channels" then enabling channels is fine.


Updated by Bodo Eggert about 8 years ago

Yes, the terms are very mixed-up, and tvheadend uses completely different names compared to what I'm used to. Additionally, I'm not a native speaker, so you have to guess what I try to write:-)

To make it short, I'd like both: No /L for Love\b.*/, and no "BuyOurSh*t TV" at all in the EPG.

I guess the channel can be blocked, but I don't currently watch TV, so I have no tvheadend running.


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