Bug #1876

automatic recordings after EPG update

Added by Tomas Matejicek almost 9 years ago. Updated about 8 years ago.

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I have only one rule in automatic recorder - .* ... that means, I am recording everything. Yes I am crazy :) But this works fine.

The problem is that some channels update EPG data frequently, shifting the start of many programs by 2 minutes or 5 minutes or so. And automatic recorder records them all - that means, if a program was scheduled in EPG to start on 14:50, and then rescheduled by EPG to start on 14:55, it records it twice - one recording starts at 14:50 and the other starts at 14:55. Sometimes when rescheduling happens several times, it records one program 4 times or more, and I can find recordings in files ending with -1.ts, -2.ts, -3.ts, etc.

Is this an issue in tvheadend? I would expect it to delete rescheduled recordings before it sets new ones, if they overlap. Can I set any setting in tvheadend to skip overlapped recordings of the same name? Is this a bug?



Updated by Tomas Matejicek almost 9 years ago

One more addition: this seems to be similar like Bug #179
which was fixed by adding dvr_entry_find_by_event_fuzzy() - this function should say if the new EPG info is within plus/minus 10 minutes range of any existing entry and only update the existing one instead of adding new.

One example recording is following:
firstly added to scheduler:
"start": 1387329792,
"stop": 1387331400,

Secondly added to scheduler as:
"start": 1387329600,
"stop": 1387331400,

So it is in the range plus/minus 600 seconds, and should be UPDATED instead of duplicitly ADDED ... strange


Updated by Tomas Matejicek almost 9 years ago

Ah, I can see that the part of the code was refactored since then! So the new code is probably broken.


Updated by Tomas Matejicek about 8 years ago

I'm here again to report the problem still exists.

If tvheadend has some recording scheduled, and then the program is rescheduled in EPG (just say 2 minutes later), it stores it as ANOTHER recording (this is wrong). Even if the program ID is the same! For example:

old recording has:
"dvb_eid": 35553,

newly scheduled recording has:
"dvb_eid": 35553,

And the program is recorded twice. This is wrong.

I noticed that in /home/hts/.hts/tvheadend/dvr/log/* the files for both recordings are identical, with the exception of the value of "broadcast". I'm not sure what this is, however I believe there is a bug in tvheadend, all my recordings are recorded twice since our EPG suffers frequent reschedules.

Is there any chance to get this fixed?


Updated by Jaroslav Kysela about 8 years ago

I doubt. The active development is only in the 3.9 tree and the EPG updates are not allowed when the recording is active in 3.9.

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