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Filter on "Automatic Recording" to exclude HD Channels

Added by Samuel Herzog about 7 years ago. Updated almost 7 years ago.

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I have to record some series for my childern.
I added those series to "Automatic recordings".
But since most tv stations have two channels (one with traditional resolution and one with HD),
the recorings are added often twice.

So I suggest to add a new feature/setting to tell inside automatic recording, to prefer HD or traditional/anlog resolution.



Updated by polini - almost 7 years ago

I have channel tags "HDTV" and "SDTV", so I can choose which format should be recorded...


Updated by Samuel Herzog almost 7 years ago

Strange, I have only the channel tags "Radio","SDTV" and "TV Channels". No entry with name "HDTV".


Updated by polini - almost 7 years ago

I created them manually.


Updated by Damian Gołda almost 7 years ago

I use channel tag SDTV like polini. It works fine but it has one disadvantage:

In Poland DVBT-T Polish Television (TVP) has two channels broadcasted in SD and HD (TVP-1 and TVP-2). And SD channel is on different multiplex than HD one. And sometimes when I schedule recording using SD channel, recording fails, because all adapters are in use and none of them can be tuned to multiplex with SD channel.
BUT actually one of them is already tuned to multiplex with HD version of this channel. For me is eventually better to have recording in HD than no recording at all.

So I'd like suggest an option "Prefer SD" or "Prefer HD" and some kind of pairing SD and HD version of same channel.
Of course it is much more complicated.


Updated by Adam Sutton almost 7 years ago

I did start looking at this a long time ago, but never got around to it. Eventually I want to make it possible to merge HD/SD channels and have preferences like HD over SD, SD over HD etc.. and this would apply both to live streaming and recording (possibly with differing pref. for each).



Updated by Hero of Shapeir almost 7 years ago

Throwing in a +1 to have an "HD Preferred" option for recordings. I've used this setting in other systems quite happily.

As an example in the NA market, I record "This Old House," and it's often the case that a new episode will air on one of the PBS SD sub-channels first, and then air a day or two later on the primary HD channel. However, I don't want to exclude all recordings from the SD sub-channel, as I would miss ones that don't fit that paradigm.

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