Bug #1825

ATSC handling is broken in V3.4

Added by Donald Schlicht about 8 years ago. Updated almost 8 years ago.

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I had V3.4 installed on my Openelec box. I could not get the muxes/services/channels to map correctly. I went back to version 3.2.18~g40a8920 and now it looks like all of the channels are loading and configuring correctly. Some where between those two version a change was made that broke TvHeadEnd for ATSC. BTW the configuration tab on the older version has more tabs for example there is a tab for channels which did not show up on 3.4



Updated by Peter Walsh about 8 years ago

I have this same experience. However, I have and HDhomerun box and if I revert back to 3.2.18 I only have one tuner and it doesn't find all my channels.

3.4 cannot be mapped and no channel information shows-up to map.


Updated by Donald Schlicht about 8 years ago

I also have the HDHomerun HDHR3-US. Both tuners show up and all channels also show up.


Updated by Adam Sutton about 8 years ago

There are some very broken bits in ATSC, I've tried fixing a few (and probably broken many more) with the rewrite code (now in master). However ATSC will always suffer, since most of our user base (and all active devs, i.e. me) are EU based.



Updated by Brett Andrews about 8 years ago

I can confirm that latest on feature/dvb-rewrite branch seems to fix ATSC channel scan for HDHR3-US in Southern California. All local muxes now have names and I can watch TV again. Thanks, Adam!

Also, I was not able to find the rewrite code in master. It looks like a merge was made from master to dvb-rewrite, but not the other way around.


Updated by Donald Schlicht about 8 years ago

I have some limited development/debug capabilities. Also how do I access this latest branch?


Updated by Brett Andrews about 8 years ago

Assuming you have all the dependencies from

git clone
git checkout origin/feature/dvb_rewrite


Updated by Adam Sutton almost 8 years ago

  • Status changed from New to Fixed

Going to mark this fixed until someone points out specific failures in the new code.

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