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Multiple recordings for one schedule

Added by Iñaki Rodríguez about 10 years ago. Updated about 2 years ago.

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My problem is that when I set up an automatic recording it show just one entry in the Upcoming recordings but it records it multiple times simultaneously, this afternoon it has recorded four time the German F1 Grand Prix and this evening it has recorded three times a program.

This makes that if I have set another recording overlapping the original it is not recorded

I'm attaching a pastebin link to the relevant syslog part for this evening recording:


tvheadend_multiple_recordings_for_one_show.txt (7.31 KB) tvheadend_multiple_recordings_for_one_show.txt Iñaki Rodríguez, 2013-10-27 08:00
record 1.png (7.3 KB) record 1.png scheduled recordings for 3 episodes Sebastian Walczyk, 2014-05-08 12:55
record 2.png (7.21 KB) record 2.png episode 2 changed from 14:49 to 14:50 Sebastian Walczyk, 2014-05-08 12:59
record 3.png (7.3 KB) record 3.png now the scheduled recordings are messed up. episode 2 starts/end the same as episode 1. it got the description and length for episode 2 though. Sebastian Walczyk, 2014-05-08 12:59



Updated by B. J. about 10 years ago

Same here. Last week was the "Walking Dead" marathon with several episodes straight. TVHeadend has record the first episode four times but with different descriptions (as they were in record chain). So series recording is totally messed up. TVHeadend is the latest build (3.5.245)


Updated by r si almost 10 years ago

A related case:

Wild China offered on BBC 4 series link, first episode early 20140119. Set to record on series link.
Then noticed Episode 1 is also on 20140118. Set it to record individually at 1900.

At 1900 what happens is that two recordings start. Two files get created, one name containing correct date & time, the other containing the date and time for tomorrow's recording.

using 3.5.75~g63b3516-dirty


Updated by Adam Sutton almost 10 years ago

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Clearly something has gone wrong with the EPG processing, possibly related to the naming etc... Though at this stage no idea what.

Can you please tell me what EPG sources you're using, and also if you have logs leading up to the event, probably upto a week before? What I'd like to see is the point at which it scheduled those recordings. Maybe also check if you have any similar recordings up coming whether the times on them are rubbish.



Updated by Michal Leinweber almost 10 years ago

U have the same problem with git version (3.9.373~g55c2bbb-dirty). I am not using any external EPG source, only what is automaticly grabbed from DVB-T. Mostly I have 2 recordings of the same program, sometimes 3x. For some of them I can see it multiple times in "Upcomming recordings", but mostly there are only ones. In "Finished Recordings" I see it mostly with the same start time, but sometimes the time difference is 1 or 2 minutes.


Updated by Michal Leinweber almost 10 years ago

One czech user sent me information he found about this problem. Czech Television is dynamically updating EPG data to reflect delayed starts of TV shows. TVHeadend does not handle it correctly and it is the cause of multiple recordings of one tv show. It also answers my problem, that there are 1-2 minutes differences of recording start.


Updated by Sebastian Walczyk over 9 years ago

I've got the same problem. It occours when the network is changing/updating the starting time of the program. Please see the attached images.


Updated by Sebastian Walczyk over 9 years ago

Sebastian Walczyk wrote:

I've got the same problem. It occours when the network is changing/updating the starting time of the program. Please see the attached images.

Today I was able to log the events when creating 6 timers for Big Bang Theory:

After first recording started you see how all timers are updated. Then the first episode is recorded 6 times. For me, a feature like "disable automatic timer update" would be very nice!


Updated by Sebastian Walczyk over 9 years ago

If anyone is interested to disable automatic timer update:


Updated by Pierre Kisters about 2 years ago

Hi! Sadly I am experiencing the same issue using version 4.3-1975~g23754f9a6.
I set up schedules for a number of consecutive episodes and they are all automatically changed to the time of the first schedule like the other comments already mentioned.
It seems to be that the German EPG also causes issues.

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