Bug #1812

Selecting record series in the webui begins scheduling everything

Added by Pedro Pena over 9 years ago. Updated over 8 years ago.

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Linux 3.2.0-54-generic-pae #82-Ubuntu server 12.04
i686 i686 i386 GNU/Linux

HTS Tvheadend 3.5.244~gf5c5ffd-dirty with dvb-linux-disable
XBMC 12.2 Frodo front end
Hauppauge 2250 dual tuner card using only the analog sides

I searched but could not find mention of this bug.

I selected "record series" for a particular show from the epg tab in the webui and tvheadend began to schedule recordings for what seemed to be everything.
I stopped it about one month into scheduling and at that point there were over 5000 scheduled recordings.

I have made changes to "v4l.c" to be able to use my tuner card but I don't see how this would inflence what I saw.

scheduling individual racordings via the XBMC front end works fine.



Updated by Adam Sutton over 9 years ago

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I'd need some logging info, I'd also recommend checking latest code.


Updated by Pedro Pena over 9 years ago

Sorry for the late response but I've been in and out of the country with litte time to look at this.
At the moment I don't have a test computer to try and recreate this but one is on the way.
I'll try to recreate using the latest code as soon as I have a system up and running.


Updated by Phillip DuLion over 9 years ago

I'm encountering this issue as well. I just installed the latest version from unstable. I've made no modifications, and I'm using tv_grab_na_dd with As soon as I select the "Record Series" button for a show, the /home/hts/.hts/tvheadend/dvr/log starts filling up.


Updated by Aaron F over 9 years ago

This is happening to me as well, using a checkout of master from Feb 5. It makes series scheduling a bit challenging to say the least..
I tried enabling debugging but the log doesn't show anything before adding all the recordings.

Here is the relevant part of the debug log:

2014-02-05 19:03:44.971 [   INFO]:tid 139888779302656: AVAHI: Service 'Tvheadend' successfully established.
2014-02-05 19:10:24.139 [   INFO]:tid 139888468936448: dvr: entry 1 "Alerta Cobra" on "KRMA V-Me" starting at 2014-02-05 19:59:00, scheduled for recording by "Auto recording by: aaron" 
2014-02-05 19:10:24.629 [   INFO]:tid 139888468936448: dvr: entry 3759 "XXII Winter Olympics" on "KUSA HD NBC" starting at 2014-02-18 13:59:00, scheduled for recording by "Auto recording by: aaron" 
2014-02-05 19:10:24.629 [   INFO]:tid 139889183647616: dvr: "Cooking With Nick Stellino" on "KRMA Create" recorder starting

I now have 3759 new episodes in the upcoming recordings list, along with that many files.


Updated by Aaron F over 9 years ago

I figured out how to turn on dvr tracing and saw this just before it added all the shows. Maybe the webui isn't passing something??

[ INFO]:dvr: Creating new configuration ''

2014-02-05 20:11:33.057 [   INFO]:xmltv: external socket enabled
2014-02-05 20:11:33.140 [   INFO]:epgdb: loaded v2
2014-02-05 20:11:33.140 [   INFO]:epgdb:   channels   0
2014-02-05 20:11:33.140 [   INFO]:epgdb:   brands     0
2014-02-05 20:11:33.140 [   INFO]:epgdb:   seasons    439
2014-02-05 20:11:33.140 [   INFO]:epgdb:   episodes   7044
2014-02-05 20:11:33.140 [   INFO]:epgdb:   broadcasts 8271
2014-02-05 20:11:33.140 [   INFO]:dvr: Creating new configuration ''
2014-02-05 20:11:33.143 [ NOTICE]:START: HTS Tvheadend version 0.0.0~unknown started, running as PID:24457 UID:120 GID:44, CWD:/ CNF:/home/hts/.hts/tvheadend
2014-02-05 20:11:33.999 [   INFO]:AVAHI: Service 'Tvheadend' successfully established.
2014-02-05 20:11:49.647 [  TRACE]:dvr: entry timer scheduled for 1391655510
2014-02-05 20:11:49.647 [   INFO]:dvr: entry 1 "Alerta Cobra" on "KRMA V-Me" starting at 2014-02-05 19:59:00, scheduled for recording by "Auto recording by: aaron

Updated by Jeff Williams about 9 years ago

This is almost certainly caused by the suri error discussed in issue #2052. I have experienced the same and resolved using code from issue #2052.


Updated by Julian Lam almost 9 years ago

Holy moly, did I make a mistake when I clicked "record" on "Daily Show with Jon Stewart". Now I have over 3k scheduled and counting.

Removed the 3k scheduled recordings in one fell swoop:

  • Removed the errant autorec entry from ~/.hts/tvheadend/autorec
  • Removed the scheduled recordings by emptying the files in ~/.hts/tvheadend/dvr/log
$ apt-cache policy tvheadend
  Installed: 3.5.247~g098b7de~saucy
  Candidate: 3.5.247~g098b7de~saucy
  Version table:
 *** 3.5.247~g098b7de~saucy 0
        500 saucy/main amd64 Packages
        100 /var/lib/dpkg/status

For reference, the bad autorec object:

        "id": "2",
        "enabled": 1,
        "config_name": "",
        "creator": "julian",
        "comment": "Created from EPG query",
        "channel": "9-1 CFTODT",
        "contenttype": 0,
        "title": "The Daily Show With Jon Stewart",
        "approx_time": 0,
        "weekdays": "1,2,3,4,5,6,7",
        "pri": "normal",
        "serieslink": "ddprogid:/" 

But I have a good one that works properly:

        "id": "1",
        "enabled": 1,
        "config_name": "",
        "creator": "julian",
        "comment": "Created from EPG query",
        "channel": "5-1 CBLTDT",
        "contenttype": 0,
        "title": "CBC News Now",
        "approx_time": 0,
        "weekdays": "1,2,3,4,5,6,7",
        "pri": "normal",
        "serieslink": "ddprogid:///usr/bin/tv_grab_na_dd/SH01201714.0000" 

It looks like "serieslink" is not populated correctly, and acts as a wildcard!


Updated by MArk Coleman over 8 years ago

Just wanted to report that I am seeing the same issue in 3.9.422~gc84bc2b


Updated by And Re over 8 years ago

same issue in 3.9.422~gc84bc2b

what could be done to record series? any other ways?

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