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Simple change will increase user base: SINGLE click to edit schedule fields in web interface will allow android/ios use

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The subject says it all really, but to expand....
TVheadEnd is really cool. I'm runnng it on my Synology NAS. It could be a great PVR solution, BUT in the web interface I cant edit the recording schedule fields from Android or iPad as the fields require a DOUBLE click to activate them. I cant find a way to tell ios or android to not intercept the double click (they use it to zoom, which I guess predates multi touch, but it sucks).
I'd think there was a significant user base for TVheadend used with a NAS, that do not want to boot a *nix, or PC just so they can edit the schedule. I've posed the point in the forum, but no-one has replied advising a solution.
I'd have thought changing it to aceept a single click to edit would be trivial and not have negative consequences.

If I end up using TVHeadend, I will definitely donate. TVHeadend is superior to the other Synology options. I've tried the trial DVBLink product, and although the epg is better, its repeat recording facility is unusable by trying to be too smart (they must have come from microsoft ("Here, let me stuff that up totally for you"), whereas the TVHeadEnd regexp and "around this time" options are complete and sufficient, perfect ! well done.
Thanks for your time and efforts, it looks really good so far. I llok forward to being able to using it , in which case I will certainly contribute by donating.



Updated by polini - over 7 years ago

Have a look at

It's an additional web interface for Tvheadend especially for mobile/touch devices


Updated by Adam Sutton almost 7 years ago

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I would like to get this integrated, which reminds me I need to follow up on an email convo...



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I think this is not asked in the right way and probably not something that I (or any other existing TVH dev) will be interested in doing.

There are existing/better alternatives anyway.


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