Bug #1746

can't compile

Added by NiCrAm 0oo0 over 8 years ago. Updated over 8 years ago.

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Since when transcoding was added i can't compile TVH

streamer tvheadend # ./configure --prefix=/opt/tvheadend/
Checking support/features
  checking for cc execinfo.h ...                    ok
  checking for cc -mmmx ...                         ok
  checking for cc -msse2 ...                        ok
  checking for cc getloadavg ...                    ok
  checking for cc atomic64 ...                      ok
  checking for py module gzip ...                   ok
  checking for bzip2 ...                            ok
  checking for pkg openssl  ...                     ok
  checking for pkg zlib  ...                        ok
  checking for pkg avahi-client  ...                ok
  checking for pkg libavcodec <=55.0.0 ...          ok
  checking for pkg libavcodec >=52.96.0 ...         ok
  checking for pkg libavutil >=50.43.0 ...          ok
  checking for pkg libavformat <=55.0.0 ...         ok
  checking for pkg libavformat >=53.10.0 ...        ok
  checking for pkg libswscale >=0.13.0 ...          ok
  checking for cc sys/inotify.h ...                 ok
  checking for pkg libcurl  ...                     ok
  fetching dvb-scan files ...                       ok

  Using C compiler:                        cc
  Build for arch:                          x86_64

  Using PYTHON:                            python

  cwc                                      yes
  v4l                                      yes
  linuxdvb                                 yes
  dvbscan                                  yes
  timeshift                                yes
  trace                                    yes
  imagecache                               yes
  avahi                                    yes
  zlib                                     yes
  libav                                    yes
  inotify                                  yes
  bundle                                   no
  dvbcsa                                   no
  execinfo                                 yes
  mmx                                      yes
  sse2                                     yes
  getloadavg                               yes
  atomic64                                 yes
  py_gzip                                  yes
  bin_bzip2                                yes
  ssl                                      yes
  inotify_h                                yes

  openssl                                  1.0.1e
  zlib                                     1.2.7
  avahi-client                             0.6.31
  libavcodec                               54.59.100
  libavutil                                51.73.101
  libavformat                              54.29.104
  libswscale                               2.1.101
  libcurl                                  7.29.0

Installation paths:
  Prefix:                                  /opt/tvheadend/
  Binaries:                                ${prefix}/bin
  Libraries:                               ${prefix}/lib
  Data files:                              ${prefix}/share
  Man pages:                               ${datadir}/man

Final Binary:

Tvheadend Data Directory:

streamer tvheadend # make -j4
CC              src/main.o
CC              src/tvhlog.o
CC              src/utils.o
CC              src/wrappers.o
CC              src/access.o
CC              src/dtable.o
CC              src/tcp.o
CC              src/http.o
CC              src/notify.o
CC              src/file.o
CC              src/epg.o
CC              src/epgdb.o
CC              src/epggrab.o
CC              src/spawn.o
CC              src/packet.o
CC              src/streaming.o
CC              src/teletext.o
CC              src/channels.o
CC              src/subscriptions.o
CC              src/service.o
CC              src/psi.o
CC              src/parsers.o
CC              src/parser_h264.o
CC              src/parser_latm.o
CC              src/tsdemux.o
CC              src/bitstream.o
CC              src/htsp_server.o
CC              src/serviceprobe.o
CC              src/htsmsg.o
CC              src/htsmsg_binary.o
CC              src/htsmsg_json.o
CC              src/htsmsg_xml.o
CC              src/misc/dbl.o
CC              src/misc/json.o
CC              src/settings.o
CC              src/htsbuf.o
CC              src/trap.o
CC              src/avg.o
CC              src/htsstr.o
CC              src/rawtsinput.o
CC              src/iptv_input.o
CC              src/avc.o
CC              src/huffman.o
CC              src/config2.o
CC              src/filebundle.o
CC              src/lang_codes.o
CC              src/lang_str.o
CC              src/imagecache.o
CC              src/tvhtime.o
CC              src/epggrab/module.o
CC              src/epggrab/channel.o
CC              src/epggrab/module/pyepg.o
CC              src/epggrab/module/xmltv.o
CC              src/plumbing/tsfix.o
CC              src/plumbing/globalheaders.o
CC              src/dvr/dvr_db.o
CC              src/dvr/dvr_rec.o
CC              src/dvr/dvr_autorec.o
CC              src/webui/webui.o
CC              src/webui/comet.o
CC              src/webui/extjs.o
CC              src/webui/simpleui.o
CC              src/webui/statedump.o
CC              src/webui/html.o
CC              src/muxer.o
CC              src/muxer/muxer_pass.o
CC              src/muxer/muxer_tvh.o
CC              src/muxer/tvh/ebml.o
CC              src/muxer/tvh/mkmux.o
CC              src/epggrab/otamux.o
CC              src/epggrab/module/eit.o
CC              src/epggrab/module/opentv.o
CC              src/epggrab/support/freesat_huffman.o
CC              src/timeshift.o
CC              src/timeshift/timeshift_filemgr.o
CC              src/timeshift/timeshift_writer.o
CC              src/timeshift/timeshift_reader.o
CC              src/dvb/dvb.o
CC              src/dvb/dvb_support.o
CC              src/dvb/dvb_charset.o
CC              src/dvb/dvb_fe.o
CC              src/dvb/dvb_tables.o
CC              src/dvb/diseqc.o
CC              src/dvb/dvb_adapter.o
CC              src/dvb/dvb_multiplex.o
CC              src/dvb/dvb_service.o
CC              src/dvb/dvb_preconf.o
CC              src/dvb/dvb_satconf.o
CC              src/dvb/dvb_input_filtered.o
CC              src/dvb/dvb_input_raw.o
CC              src/webui/extjs_dvb.o
CC              src/muxes.o
CC              src/dvr/dvr_inotify.o
CC              src/v4l.o
CC              src/webui/extjs_v4l.o
CC              src/avahi.o
CC              src/libav.o
CC              src/muxer/muxer_libav.o
CC              src/plumbing/transcoding.o
CC              src/cwc.o
CC              src/capmt.o
src/plumbing/transcoding.c: In function ‘transcoder_get_capabilities’:
src/plumbing/transcoding.c:1320:11: error: ‘AVCodec’ has no member named ‘encode’
make: *** [/opt/tvheadend/build.linux/src/plumbing/transcoding.o] Error 1
make: *** Waiting for unfinished jobs....
streamer tvheadend # 



Updated by Wojciech Myrda over 8 years ago

I think it is related to ffmpeg version which You might be using. I got same eroor with ffmpe 1.2 which I reported here What is yours?


Updated by Wojciech Myrda over 8 years ago

it has been reported ealier as well..


Updated by Adam Sutton over 8 years ago

  • Status changed from New to Rejected


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