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recording teletext

Added by Peter Verhage over 10 years ago. Updated almost 10 years ago.

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I have an issue with recording teletext from channels.
For example:

When I download in matroska format with wget "http://tvheadend:9981/stream/channelid/19" I get 4 streams: Video(mpgv), Audio(mpga), Subtitle(undf) and Subtitle(subt).

When I download in transport stream format with wget "http://tvheadend:9981/stream/channelid/19?mux=pass" I get 3 streams: Video(mpgv)(ID101), Audio(mpga)(ID102), Subtitle(dvbs)(ID107).

When I click the "i" button in the tvheadend webinterface under "Configuration->DVB Inputs->TV Adapters->Services" there are 5 PIDs: MPEG2VIDEO (ID101), MPEG2AUDIO (ID102), TELETEXT (ID106), DVBSUB (ID107), TEXTSUB (ID9080).

When I play the full muxdump (with vlc for example), I do have teletext. (tsinfo also reports ID106)

Is there a checkbox/patch I can try to get the http-stream to include the teletext stream?



Updated by Peter Verhage over 10 years ago

Quite interestingly, I do get teletext when I connect with xbmc to htsp://tvheadend:9982/.


Updated by Adam Sutton over 10 years ago

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John can you take a look at this. I can't think of any reason why using the passthru muxer should be removing stuff from the stream?



Updated by Peter Verhage over 10 years ago

I reversed commit already in my local source, but still no luck.

Could there be something wrong with the stream? tsinfo didn't report any errors...
Is there any other way to check if the stream in itself is ok?

Or shall I post a muxdump and a wget with mux=pass instead?


Updated by Peter Verhage over 10 years ago

I see the status of this bug is "Need feedback". Which feedback do you need from me?


Updated by John Törnblom over 10 years ago

Peter, I'm not sure why the teletext recording was disabled in the first place. The feedback requirement was not intended for you specifically.


Updated by Adam Sutton almost 10 years ago

John are we going to do anything with this? Or are we closing it?



Updated by Adam Sutton almost 10 years ago

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Updated by John Törnblom almost 10 years ago

I'm yet to see a player capable of playing teletext muxed in mkv, so that won't happen. As for passthrough, disabling pmt-rewrite might be sufficient to gain teletext in recordings, but not sure


Updated by Peter Verhage almost 10 years ago

Can't VLC play teletext in mkv? I know it can play teletext from transport streams. (for example from the full muxdumps)

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