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mediahighway epg and different epg encoding

Added by ukasz - about 13 years ago. Updated over 10 years ago.

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i hava managed to crack all epg in polish (to get it to display polish signs). in poland we have 3 providers. n, cyfra+ ( i use it now) and cyfrowy polsat. n uses its own epg system and is transported in a file from transponder to properairity stb (throught encrypted transponder where vod also goes). cyfra + uses old and cracked system mediahighway. cyfowy polsat sends epg without any systems but in iso-8859-2.

i have tested it with different programs and transponders.
on transponders where nid is 113 and provider is polsat epg can be retrieved through

on transponder where nid is 318 and provider is cyfra+ epg can be etrieved with program download epg in vdr format.
the file is encoded in ansii. then i converted the file in html with script from vdr (opened in notepad++ and succesfully converts to utf-8). under linux cli i couldn't convert the file to utf-8.

please correct me if i am wrong becouse not all is perfectly clear to me considdering epg dvb-s techniques.

maybe this will help other people as well.

Andreas can you include this in tvheadend source please ?

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Updated by ukasz - about 13 years ago

here are some muxdumps


Updated by ukasz - about 13 years ago


Updated by Hein Rigolo over 12 years ago

This can be done by generating the xmltv file .. and loading it via tv_grab_file.


Updated by Kiall Mac Innes over 12 years ago

I would love to see OpenTV EPG support - I know VDR's EEGG plugin supports this and other EPG formats..


Updated by Andreas Smas about 12 years ago

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Updated by bigtarget bigtarget almost 12 years ago

Solution is here:


Updated by bigtarget bigtarget about 11 years ago

That commit in pull request should resolve it:


Updated by Adam Sutton over 10 years ago

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This will be coming, I have added UK centric stuff and have plans to add this in the future. I already have my own issue notes for this and will try to transition these to redmine shortly.


Updated by gary tan over 10 years ago

hi Adam, i didnt notice any new issues set up for this forgive me if i missed one! ;)

would be great to have mediahighway support. I am looking into getting a tntsat for french tv to go with freesat and would be great to have a proper epg.

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