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epg priority (from dvb or from xmltv)

Added by ukasz - over 12 years ago. Updated almost 11 years ago.

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some people has problems with encoding and multilanguage epg on their tvheadend installations.

setting priority to take epg from xmltv can solve their problems (considdering that they have proper xmltv grabber)

this could be set in epg xmltv configuration tab.



Updated by Andreas Smas almost 12 years ago

I need more information to understand what really needs to be done.

Tvheadend today selects the longest description when merges the EPGs


Updated by ukasz - over 11 years ago

problem is when you have same long description but instead of utf-8 characters epg is being displayed as some strange characters.

by epg priority i mean to set up tvheadend to take epg from xmltv prior to dvb card grabbed epg. if you have 30 channels total for 7 days in advance (grabbed from dvb card) and import xmltv file containing 15 channels 4 days in advance (if user has selected xmltv priority) then entries from xmltv file will be taken as valid and those grabbed previously by dvb card would be replaced.

i see 3 options:
match longest description first (default)
dvb card first
xmltv first

that would resolve most people's problems with strange symbols and/or languages in epg (untill some epg formats will be implemented in tvheadend such as mhwepg)


Updated by Andreas Smas over 11 years ago

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Updated by Andreas Smas over 11 years ago

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This is a feature IMHO


Updated by Riku H over 11 years ago

as epg language can't be configured I would like to use only xmltv data.

now it seems that only the longer description is updated with xmltv data. program name (Title in webui) is never updated. how can it be changed so that only xmltv data is used and also program name is updated?


Updated by Nathan McAullay over 11 years ago

I had a forum question in on this (, but didnt get any response.
Because my dvb-t/eit provider keeps sending small updates in EIT, I get multiple auto-recorded programs with slightly different start times.
I think it would make sense to be able to "choose" the EPG source. If you have XMLTV scanning turned on in the interface, then tvheadend should ignore DVB-based EIT. If you have XMLTV scanning off, then use DVB-based EIT to fill the guide. I think at the moment, I load some xmltv into tvheadend, but shortly after starting the service, EIT from the DVB starts dumping into the EPG, and causing duplicates. My XMLTV file has clean non-overlapping shows, so I dont want the DVB-based EIT to clobber my quality XMLTV EPG. Can this be done? Cheers, NAthan


Updated by Jarmo Keränen over 11 years ago

I already wrote to EPG language issue, but I agree this is very, very welcome feature for TVheadend. I totally agree Riku H that this is "must" feature as it is not possible to select EPG language.

I still hope to see some patch for this and/or EPG language before version 3.0 ;o)


Updated by Hein Rigolo almost 11 years ago

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Revision 940b1071 now allows you to disable the EIT to populate the EPG. If you have a xmltv grabber for your channel this will allow you to only use that to populate the EPG.

So I will close this feature because this can now be done already.


Updated by Hein Rigolo almost 11 years ago

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