Bug #1502

EPG filter channel menu fails to switch channels

Added by Richard Lloyd about 10 years ago. Updated about 10 years ago.

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Git as of 6 Jan 2013
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I'm on Linux with the latest Firefox and Chrome (both browsers show the bug) and have just downloaded the latest git release today (6th Jan 2013). The filter channel menu in the EPG section often doesn't actually let you move from one selected channel to another. Here's the steps to reproduce:

1. Ensure that your EPG is fully populated with at least 2 different channels worth of data (e.g. programme data for a minimum of a week). Let's call them Channel 1 and Channel 2.
2. Browse to the tvheadend home page which should default to the EPG tab (if not, select that tab).
3. In the second menu ("Filter channel..."), select Channel 1.
4. Using the scroll bar on the right, scroll all the way down to the bottom of Channel 1's programme listings. You should hopefully see a few "Buffering...please wait" messages if you scroll quickly enough. Note that if you do not scroll all the way to the bottom, the bug will not manifest itself.
5. Using the scroll bar again, scroll back to the top of the page (this is more so that the tabs/menus are now visible) and again you may see some buffering messages (not sure if these are important for the bug reproduction or not).
6. In the "Filter channel..." menu, select Channel 2 this time.

Expected result:
The listings should change to show Channel 2's information.

Actual result:
The listings don't change at all and retain Channel 1's information despite showing Channel 2's name on the menu (and won't if you select a 3rd, 4th etc. channel either!).

I know this sounds fairly obscure, but when I come to do my weekly EPG manual selections (i.e. not using Automatic Recording), this is exactly how I operate - selecting one channel at a time and scrolling through the listings looking for a show to record. Hence I hit this bug all the time :-(



Updated by Adam Sutton about 10 years ago

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I simply cannot replicate this, I tried it on my own machine at home. I performed the steps as describe and nothing unexpected happens.


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