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Include Date in "Start" column of EPG

Added by gary tan over 10 years ago. Updated over 10 years ago.

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As above, can the date be included in the "Start" column of the EPG like it appears in the Recorder Schedule. If you have an epg which is over 7 days and search a program to record, you are unsure what date it is on until you click on record program and then look at the recorder schedule.



Updated by Adam Sutton over 10 years ago

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This is a fair point. I'm not entirely sure what the display format should be, simply date+time, or date only if after 7 days etc.. (else current). I'll give it some thought, either way its a trivial mod.



Updated by Richard Lloyd over 10 years ago

It should also be noted that the column width for Start may need adjusting because it chops off the time for me even in the current layout. Please keep the date format as short as possible - e.g. Wed 30 Sep would be much preferred to Wednesday 30 September. Oh and don't forget to pick up the date format (e.g. DD MMM vs. MMM DD) from the machine's locale.


Updated by Walter Purcaro over 10 years ago

On my branch webui, I chose to split the start date into two columns, one for "day" and the other for "time", and I tried to keep date length short, but I left format locked. :)


Updated by Adam Sutton over 10 years ago

  • Target version deleted (3.4)

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