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Feature #1087: DVR Improvements

autorec: selectable start time window (former starting around)

Added by Andre Liebe almost 9 years ago. Updated over 6 years ago.

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I'd like to ask for enhancement for to autorec scheduler - please provide (start) time window instead of the current "starting around" time.
My suggestion would be to split up "starting around" into two columns with one group header column "starting between ... and ..."

Some of my scheduled tv shows happen to be shifted to an other time slot from time to time. So instead of beeing aired at 8:15pm it now runs at 9:15pm for example. Thus my autorec configured for 8:15pm won't pick it up anymore. So I removed the starting time setting again, to not miss any future slot moves again. But without the starting time setting hts picks up more episodes than I'm willing to record. I.e. reruns of old seasons or yesterdays episodes in the (early) morning hours or late afternoon.



Updated by Adam Sutton almost 9 years ago

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Your argument is not entirely correct, though the idea for having from-to period spec has been suggested before and I agree it is better.

The "starting around" does provide a certain level of fuzzy matching on the time but (the window) is not configurable by the user.



Updated by Ronald van Eijck almost 9 years ago

If nobody is working on this I'd like to take a look at it.


Updated by Adam Sutton almost 9 years ago

Sure go for it, all user input always welcome :) When you've got something submit a github PR, even if its not complete it can be a useful way to engage in review etc... (just make sure you note its not complete etc...)



Updated by Sven Ludwig about 8 years ago

Hi Ronald,

Any updates on this ticket? I'm waiting desperately for this feature :)

This would allow me to kick about 100 autorecording rules.


Updated by Ronald van Eijck about 8 years ago

Hi Sven,

Did some attempts in the past and I could not create a nice GUI with a header over 2 colomns. After reading your request I decided to skip a nice GUI and go for the functionality. I got it working in my local source tree.
  • around time is converted: after = around - 15 minutes, before = around + 15 minutes (24 hour wrap if needed)
  • Recordings only match if in period [after - before] with a 24 hour clock in mind so if you indicate [23:00 - 01:00] it matches anything in the periods [23:00 - 00:00] and [00:00 - 01:00]

I will sign up on githup and try to create a pull request


Updated by Ronald van Eijck about 8 years ago

I think I succeeded in moving my local repo + branch to githup and generated a pull request for it:

Is this all it takes to offer this for inclusion?


Updated by Sven Ludwig about 8 years ago

Hi Ronald,

There seems to be a bug. When i change and entry the "Start before" column is empty after saving the changes. When i edit the entry afterwards, it is filled with a '0'.

But this little feature improves the whole autorecording functionality :-D

Perhaps this should be configurable, as i do not know, if the old way with starting around is a need for somebody else.


Updated by Sven Ludwig about 8 years ago

Hi Ronald,

If you use 0:00 as time the webinterface thinks that this field isn't initializied. That's why it displays a '0'.

Ok, it's working. :)


Updated by Ronald van Eijck about 8 years ago

If the old 'start around' was configured the data is converted to the new before & after configuration at around time - and + 15 minutes. (including 24 hour wrap)


Updated by Ronald van Eijck about 8 years ago

The GUI could use some work, when altering the data it preselects the wrong item (9:00 -> 5:40, hours to minutes / 100 -> wrong hours) This was also the situation with the old start around column. My Extjs experience is limited to these changes so I have no idea how to fix this.


Updated by Sven Ludwig about 8 years ago

Yes. This convertion works. The only thing i noticed is, when you click in the webinterface on a time column in order to change the 'after' or 'before' time, the time is not converted correctly.

For example the time 20:00 get's converted to 12:15 in the edit field. This is a tiny bug, but i do not know if it is a result of your changes :)


Updated by Sven Ludwig about 8 years ago

Hi All,

I Patched this feature to the version HTS Tvheadend 3.5.203~g635441d and it worked. I can report that this patch might be called stable. There were no issues in the last month. All recordings worked and not a single one was missed.

Perhaps you want to add this patch to the master branch?


Updated by Sebastian Brings about 7 years ago

I am currently running a git build 3.9.788~g385c190 and previously I had a 3.5 build shipped with raspbian. Both do not include the feature described in Feature Request #1400 and I would really be glad to see it in. Reason is the same as the OP mentioned:

two episodes of a season are aired within a one hour timeframe, 21:05 and 21:35 start time respectively. Same episodes get repeated 23:05 and 23:35. Clamping the recording start to a one hour window would make the unwanted recordings of the repeats go away.

I tried to pull the patch from comment #6 but only got an 403 error. Not sure if I did that right anyways, and if it still would merge into current tree.

Still the autorec of TVH is much better than what my other (commercial) vdr provides!


Updated by Sven Ludwig about 7 years ago

You have to wait a little while, there is currently a pull request at github where this feature(finally) is implemented.

I'll personally hope that this will be released in the next weeks. But as I am not involved in this development, I constantly check this pull request for new comments and news.


Updated by Sebastian Brings about 7 years ago

Oh good. I was worried because the last update in this feature request was almost one year old. Thanks for the heads up.


Updated by Jaroslav Kysela over 6 years ago

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Implemented in current tvh code.

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