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Feature #1087: DVR Improvements

Add a "Number of recordings to keep" attribute for autorecs

Added by Sébastien Aubry almost 11 years ago. Updated over 2 years ago.

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[This feature is probably part of a larger "Keep until..." attribute which would apply to every recording.]

I have some daily shows scheduled as "autorecs" (e.g. news related shows). I would very much like tvHeadend to only keep a given number of recordings (e.g. 3). Currently, since my log retention time equals to 30 days, about 30 of these shows are kept.
This means that when a new recording is complete, TvHeadend would check if the total number of recordings of this show exceeds this given value.
This option is available in some other PVR programs, e.g. ForTheRecord Argus, MediaPortal TV Server, WMC.

A complementary move would be to ask for a feature in XBMC to group the recordings by name when displaying them.



Updated by Adam Sutton almost 11 years ago

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This has been discussed elsewhere, can't remember if there is actually a specific FR for it already, but I'll assume not. But it's certainly on the list of things I'd like to do.



Updated by Daniel Eiteneuer almost 9 years ago

There is already the option "DVR Log retention time (days)" available in the recording section. Maybe it is possible to delete the recording file, too. This way, you could also keep your recording folder clean.
By the way, what's the purpose of keeping the record file endlessly while tvheadend might have forgotten anything about it?


Updated by Sébastien Aubry almost 9 years ago

This has been worked around with the third-party post-processing script Autodelete:
This script will always delete the oldest recordings so that there is still some space free on the hard disk.


Updated by Mario D almost 9 years ago

I would add an option like "delete related recording" (conditioned to "DVR Log Retention Time" > 0). It would be very useful.


Updated by Sébastien Aubry almost 9 years ago

I did put a very high "DVR Log Retention Time".
TvHeadend automatically detects the files deleted by Autodelete, this way the log and the files on the disk are consistent.


Updated by Daniel Eiteneuer almost 9 years ago

I would love an option as Mario has mentioned. If I save a new autorec, I don't want to ssh into the PC and rescript the clean up procedure. I think, tvheadend should handle the autocleaning of the records.
At some time in the future, one may implement an option such as "Number of recordings to keep". But for now, this should do it.


Updated by Sébastien Aubry almost 9 years ago

I agree, this would be useful. I was just saying that using a post-processing script such as autodelete does the job.


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