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Freesat channel shifts not properly handled

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On a clean install of Build: 3.1.776~ge3231ec~precise using the FreeSat EPG only.

BBC Radio 4 has no EPG, however Radio 4 is also on 10381/2 with EPG.

For example: Search for "moral maze" (a programme on BBC Radio 4). It finds the programme it records it fine. However the channel name is labeled 10381 not BBC Radio 4.

The channel labeled BBC Radio 4 also plays fine but there is no epg on that channel.

It looks like other radio channels are also affected, however I have not tested them.




Updated by Adam Sutton about 11 years ago

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Definitely appear to be problems with radio EPG, I'm getting sporadic results on my own setup.



Updated by Kev S about 11 years ago

Just in case this helps you out - I know the BBC Radio stations have recently changed transponders, from my own observations (compared against forum posts/the a516 blog reporting Freesat channel moves) the following steps seam to happen when the larger channels switch transponders:-

1. "Channel A" broadcasts on Transponder 1 and is part of the Freesat EPG
2. "12345" appears on Transponder 2 a few days prior to the transponder move happening.
3. The Freesat EPG points "Channel A" to the service labelled "12345" on Transponder 2;
"Channel A" continues to broadcast on Transponder 1 - some Freesat receivers will continue to use this until they update the EPG overnight, FTA receivers will also use this unless retuned manually.
4. A few hours/days pass
5. The service labelled "12345" on Transponder 2 is relabelled "Channel A"
6. The service labelled "Channel A" on Transponder 1 ceases transmission

In short Freesat receivers use a Channel name from the EPG rather than the services actual label!

Step 3 took place on 15 October 2012


Updated by Adam Sutton about 11 years ago


Ta, that's useful input. I'll have to think through how this might work with TVH.



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