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Display recording file sizes (and free disk space) wherever possible

Added by Richard Lloyd almost 11 years ago. Updated over 10 years ago.

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It's quite bemusing that it's very hard to find out much disk space information inside the tvheadend interface.
The only time I've ever seen it is clicking on a completed recording in the Recorder schedule and it's listed in
a pop-up dialogue box. There is no info at all for the amount of free space left on the device holding the
recording system path either.

What needs adding are:

  • A free disk space indicator - at least in the Configuration -> Digital Video Recorder page, but preferably more prominent.
  • A "Size" column in Digital Video Recorder -> Recorder schedule (sortable so we can find big recordings and
    delete them). Yes, I realise that active recordings might have an out of date figure, but it's better than none at
    all (perhaps put "1.6GB+" on active recordings that were 1.6GB last time they were stat()'ed?). Note that future recordings
    could have an estimated figure based on SD vs. HD and its length (put (est.) after the size maybe?).
  • A similar "Size" column in the new Active subscriptions page.
  • Perhaps a new stats summary page displaying overall info about the setup:

    - Number and total size of active recordings.
    - Number and total size of recordings completed.
    - Number and estimated total size (based on average size of completed recordings) of future recordings (warn if will exceed free disk space).
    - Disk space used in recording area.
    - Disk space free in recording area (warn if low).
    - Number of hours of recording time left on disk if done at average completed recording rate (warn if low).

It would be cute if these could be presented with both figures and some sort of coloured bars or text (e.g. green if OK, yellow for warning, red for critical).

Considering that HD recordings can take 4.5GB an hour, then an unattended packed HD recording schedule left for a fortnight (vacation) could easily fill the disk before the holidayers return. Hence, the estimate of future recordings size would be useful. If there are no completed recordings to base the figure on, default to an average HD recording size (or even try to estimate what each recording size will be using the length and SD vs. HD). You could even keep a track of the "biggest file size per hour" as an all-time stat and use that for future estimates to play it conservatively.

It may all sound over the top, but lack of disk space is probably one of the more common reasons for a failed recording - I bet it's not far behind tuner problems and EPG recording info being wrong/missing.


Feature #1564: Show disk space information in Status panelRejected




Updated by S├ębastien Aubry almost 11 years ago

You might be interested by the autodelete post-processing script
I will upload an updated version soon. It allows me to always make sure I have about 30 GB left on my recordings disk.


Updated by S├ębastien Aubry almost 11 years ago

Sorry ... I did not remember you had already commented the linked forum thread.


Updated by Adam Sutton over 10 years ago

  • Status changed from New to Fixed
  • Target version set to 3.4

Some of this is already done.

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