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Use Web notifications to inform user of important events

Added by Richard Lloyd almost 11 years ago. Updated almost 11 years ago.

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Yes, strictly speaking, Web notifications are a W3C draft - see:

However, with tvheadend now leaving the system log window minimised by default and the chance of you not
being on the right sub-page of the Digital Video Recorder -> Recorder Schedule being high (especially since that defaults
to "1 of n" and if n>1, you probably won't be on the page with the new recording indicator), it's actually
very likely you'll not know if tvheadend has started or stopped a recording (or any other important event has
occurred), even if you actually have tvheadend's Web UI on top of all other windows (which again, may not be the case).

Hence, I'd like a Notifications section where you can choose which events you can be notified about via
checkboxes. Examples could include:

  • Recording started (or resumed if a -1, -2, etc. filename is created)
  • Recording aborted (e.g. signal lost or manually stopped) or stopped (natural end of timeslot)
  • Low disk space
  • Recording failed (e.g. out of disk space/disk fault, tuner couldn't be allocated)
  • EPG bulk update (i.e. a grabber has completed and actually made EPG changes)

I'd suggest having all but the last one enabled by default.



Updated by Adam Sutton almost 11 years ago

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This is certainly possible, however what is really needed is a significant reworking of the UI to better reflect more common usage. There is an issue report for this somewhere.

Basically the UI we have now is very functional, but really better tailored to the administration of TVH, rather than general usage. This is probably because most TVH users (Andreas included I think) generally watch TV via a separate client rather than using the web UI.

I would however love to see a UI that is more tailored to everyday usage, nice EPG/DVR views, HTML5 streaming (rather than VLC plugin), etc... But it needs a developer to step forward and do it.



Updated by Richard Lloyd almost 11 years ago

I would also point out that leaving the System log "hidden" by default in recent months (reuqiring the double-arrowed icon to show it) has made the lack of any error notifications even more of a problem.

An example I just had was that I got "No input detected" on one of my satellite tuners when it tried to start a recording. This is a critical error (no recording!) and yet the system error log section was closed (I don't remember to open it every time I log into tvheadend and I really think it should at least be configurable to be open (or closed if you must) by default). I also didn't have the browser window on the DVR > Upcoming recordings tab - end result: I only spotted the missed recording by firing up XBMC half-way through the recording slot and realising it wasn't recording :(

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