Bug #128

Irdeto ECM's not correctly handled

Added by Hein Rigolo about 13 years ago. Updated about 13 years ago.

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When trying to request keys from the CWC server I found that an incorrect CAID was send to the CWC server.

This is a combination of a Ziggo irdeto smartcard attached to a SMARGO reader using newCS as the server running on a NSLU2 with openWRT.

The exact same server is also serving keys to a local dreambox that has no issue's decrypting the exact same channels.



Updated by Lasse Bang Mikkelsen - about 13 years ago

+1 on this one. I have the same problem it seems.


Updated by ukasz - about 13 years ago

i think i have the same problem here. i have dreambox working with newcs server and i don't have any problems. tvheadend has.


Updated by Hein Rigolo about 13 years ago

additional information:

The CAID does not matter when you talk to a irdeto card. TVHeadend does not take into account that Irdeto is makeing use of the concept of "channel ID's" in their ECM. So in a ECM data stream there can be multiple ECM's for the various channel ID's that this service belongs to. TV Headend is only sending the first ECM it encounters and therefore might send a ECM to the CW Server for a Channel ID that you can not decode.

What should happen is that TV Headend should understand that there are multiple ECM's and it should try to send the next one when there is a NOK. It could keep the service id/channel id combinations that worked in a local cache to speedup the decoding the next time the same channel is requested. It can then only send the ECM for the known working channel id.


Updated by Hein Rigolo about 13 years ago

update the Summary to properly explain what is happening.


Updated by Hein Rigolo about 13 years ago

svn version 4103 resolved most of these issue's ...

against my NewCS there are some "unexpected ECM response" message's but overall it can decode the channels that I am entitled to.

Please test some more on other providers/networks etc


Updated by Andreas Smas about 13 years ago

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