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Separate the completed recordings from the future scheduled ones in Web UI

Added by Richard Lloyd about 11 years ago. Updated almost 11 years ago.

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I'm really not a fan of displaying the future recording schedule in the same tab as the completed recordings, so I think there should be a new "Recorded programmes" tab or some title like that, where completed recordings are moved to (and removed from the Recorder schedule). After all "Recorder schedule" implies stuff to come in the future, not recordings from the past.

In addition, the Recorded Programme columns should be different from the Recorder schedule - here's a possible list of columns:

(No green tick icon needed, but put it in if you want)
Filesize (in GB)

The filesize column is very important IMHO, even if it's just so you can sort it in size order if you're tight on disk space and need to delete bigger recordings first. At some point, it would be nice to move completed recordings into category folders (Movies, Sport etc.), but that's for a separate issue really.


img.png (77.9 KB) img.png Little preview. Not fully working yet. Walter Purcaro, 2013-01-03 12:41



Updated by Adam Sutton about 11 years ago

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I will try and collate some requirements for doing an updated UI. But really we need to find someone who's willing to do the work since most focus is not on the UI.



Updated by Richard Lloyd almost 11 years ago

I just updated to the latest git release and it appears we now have separate "Upcoming recordings", "Finished recordings" and "Failed recordings" tabs - yay! Of course, now the debate is on as to how they are ordered in each tab. :-)

I think Upcoming records is right - you want to know the immediate ones coming up at the top of the screen. It's debatable about the Finished recordings order - I usually want to watch from the oldest to the newest since that's the most "logical" way to do it (think of multiple episodes of a series - with the current order, you'd be watching them from the latest episode to the oldest one!!). Normally ordering isn't critical, but the fact that you can't save the ordering across sessions makes the default ordering much more important.

Failed recordings are hopefully few and far between, so the order isn't that important. One small improvement on the tab icon for Failed recordings would be nice - a nice green "tick" logo if there's no failed recordings and only use the red exclamation mark logo if there actually any failed recordings to list. As it stands, I get a red alert icon every time I go into the DVR section, which is "scary" :-(

If you could fix the sort order of Finished recordings (oldest=top, newest=bottom) and add a green icon to Failed recordings when there's no failures, then I think this bug could be closed. Still no sign of a Size column in the Finished recordings though - I would love that to be put into tvheadend (and could replace the Priority column, which is surely redundant once a recording's done?).


Updated by Walter Purcaro almost 11 years ago

I'm working on... :)


Updated by Adam Sutton almost 11 years ago

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This was actually added to the UI a couple of weeks ago.



Updated by Walter Purcaro almost 11 years ago

I know, but I forgot to quote Richard Lloyd's post, so I might be been misunderstood: I'm working on the remaining stuff. :)

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