Bug #125

Trouble recieving atsc data from dvb adapter

Added by deano - about 10 years ago. Updated over 9 years ago.

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I get 2 atsc channels locally CFCN and CICT.

From a cold start, with tvheadend svn-r3701 and xbmc I try to tune into both channels and xbmc reports in its logs that no data is received from the adapter.

I then shut down tvheadend and run 'vlc channels.conf' and can tune into CFCN, but not CICT. I exit vlc and start 'mplayer dvb://CICT' and can tune into it. I exit mplayer and go back to vlc and both channels work fine and channel changing is possible by advancing and retreating in the playlist of the 2 channels. Moving back to tvheadend, I find that it is still unable to feed data to xbmc.

mplayer appeared to 'clean up' a 'dirty' adapter status for vlc, but that was not enough to start a session between xbmc and tvheadend.

I have tried enabling and disabling the CFCN and CICT services in tvheadend and that appeared to restore things at the beginning of my flailing, but that no longer works. I suspect that it never did work and something else was changing the behavior.

Let me know if there are other diagnostic tools I can run to help.



Updated by Andreas Smas over 9 years ago

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I've no idea how to fix this. I don't have access to ATSC adapters either

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